Breakup Basics 101: How to Move On Like a Pro

We have all been there at least once. Sad, regretting decisions and wondering what to do next, But worry not since they are not the only person who is made for you. We don’t even know if you were meant to staytogether yet. Maybe what happened was for good, perhaps it was time for you tobe single and enjoy your life or maybe find a better person.

At this moment you must be thinking, What if she/he was the only one that loved me, What if he/she was supposed to be my life partner and I blew it? Well, you are not alone my dear. Everyone thinks that and no, this is not true at all. Perhaps if you think that maybe you should use this as a sign of positivity instead of negativity. You should use this moment to improve yourself, be a better version of yourself physically and mentally, this is the time for you to unleash the beast in yourself and do whatever youwant. Let’s start off with the basics and then move forward.

a couple not caring about each other

1.Abolish Contact, Be self-sufficient

So, You just had a breakup, and you are going through
their photo’s on Social Media be it Instagram, Facebook or any other.

Don’t do that, delete the old pictures and start over. How will you move on if you can’t even show yourself you can be self-sufficient and you can pass a day without thinking about them?

Which is why the first step right away is deleting all
the old memories and making new ones. Go out with your friends and live your
life. Be positive, If you stay negative, then you won’t be able to move on, and
you will be stuck with a single person for the whole life and do you really
want to cry for the person with whom it didn’t work out?

2. Take time to heal the fire inside you

So, you have just abolished contact with them, now you are confused what to do as you really miss them but first you have to accept that whatever happened, is eventually a part of life and everyone has good days and those who have good days have bad days as well, this was one of them. It is time to accept the truth and realise that life goes on with or without a person and you should go along with it.

4. Productively take or think about the breakup

Take this breakup as an opportunity for yourself to improve. Ask your friends where you need to grow, not just in relationships but also as a person. Ask them and take constructive criticism, Don’t take it negatively and learn from it. Go to the gym if you feel you neglected your health during the time in your relationship or all together. Do yoga to improveyourself and relieve your self.

5.Distract Yourself

As Mentioned above you need to take this breakup properly and learn from it. You need to start learning a skill you like. MakeMusic, Learn photoshop and get a useful skill out of your time in this.

6. Start finding a new companion in life:

Yes with the last relationship you have definitely understood what you want and what you don’t. So this time when you are all free and set out to be a new person with little stitches, it’s the time for you to find a new person. So find a person with whom you match your ideas and thoughts. You have to understand that this person has to be a good add and later if things go well then maybe your soul mate.

7. Do you want him back? Do this:

If you ever want to get back together with that guy, there is a certain procedure you should follow if you want that transition to be successful. The best way to prepare is to educate yourself a bit, you can start right here:

So these are the significant steps that you can think and walk your journey towards healing your heart.