How to Get your Ex-Girlfriend Back from Another Guy

Is it possible to get your ex back? Yes, it’s Mission Possible.


***Who Dares Wins*** ∼ motto of  the British Special Air Service


Okay, so you’ve heard from your friends that your Ex-girlfriend is dating someone new.

Not a guy from your usual hang-out crowd but a real contender who has shown up on the scene.

Your curiosity is killing you, and you want to know what she sees in him.

Hold your horses, cowboy, as you have a lot to do before you can get the answers to your questions. You and your ex could even be able to ride off into the sunset together once you have taken the necessary measures to win her back.

So unlike Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible movie, you are actually Mr. Right in “Mission Possible.” That’s correct, you are the right man for the job, so don’t make the same mistakes that many have made before you.

Some factors to consider before accepting this mission are:

Starting a fight with her new date is not the right way to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Did we have a good relationship before things went south?

Am I sure that I want to bring my ex back in my life now?

Can I forgive my ex-girlfriend for starting up a rebound relationship right after we broke it off?

Now that you have explored your answers to the questions above, your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to conquer through patience, love, self-reflection and steady persistence. (BTW, this message will self-destruct in 6-5-4-3-2-1-POOF!)

So here you go on your mission to get your ex-girlfriend back. Check out the rest of our posts for additional help as issues come to light.


Can I Get My Ex Back when She is Dating Someone Else?

You might say to yourself, “I love my ex-girlfriend, but she is dating someone else. How can I get my ex love back”? The short answer to this question is that it is possible. This isn’t something that can be rushed; it will take some, or maybe a lot of effort on your part.

To be Mr. Right for this mission, you will need a game plan. Then you will need to work on your faults and hone your relationship skills.

Your game plan should include at least the following items:

    • It’s Possible
    • Try to not look desperate.
    • Follow the no-contact rule for at least 30 days.
    • Take time to heal yourself during the no-contact period.
    • Re-connect with your ex only when you feel you are ready.
    • Take your time to rebuild the trust you once had with your former girlfriend.


Your first goals should be:

    • Do your best not to panic. It’s a fact that your former love is dating someone new, but you still have some advantages that this new guy doesn’t. For instance, does he know her favorite color or song? Hopefully, you do, and this knowledge will be one of the many “weapons” that you will be able to use to defeat your rival.
    • You must be able to regain and maintain your composure to have a clear mind before action.
    • Allow yourself the luxury of grieving. Even strong men grieve when there is a loss in their lives. Since you obviously loved your Ex the loss of her in your daily life warrants the feeling of sadness.
    • Adhere to the rule of no-contact rule. This step can’t be skipped as you will see later in our article.
    • Accept that the break-up happened and own your part in it.
    • Occupy your mind and time with people who care about you. Family, friends and even co-workers can be your weapon against loneliness.


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What NOT to Do If You Want to Get your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Don’t keep texting, calling or showing up at her house unexpectedly.

This will come across as needy and might even fall into the category of stalking. We will go into the no-contact rule below, but for now, stay away from all forms of communication.

Don’t be her lackey that she can take advantage of. Sometimes you do have to play it cool. However, your emotional well-being is a part of staying healthy and able to finish this Mission Possible.

Keep your temper at a minimum and refrain from name-calling or other negative interactions with her and or her new love. This includes mutual friends and her family members.

Of course, a movie action hero would know better, but just in case, you might need to be reminded that begging and pleading for her to return just isn’t going to work.

Can I get my ex back after begging?

Try your hardest not to compare yourself to the rebound love. That means either him being better than you or you being better than him.


When your Ex-Girlfriend Has a New Boyfriend – Remember the No-contact Rule

Yes, you have a mission to accomplish, but there will be work to do on your part before you can even start. Believe it or not, getting your ex-girlfriend back can also happen during the no-contact rule. Check out Brad Browning’s video.


The No-contact After Breakup Psychology

No-contact after breakup psychology is simple. It gives each party time to clear their minds, their hearts, and do some self-reflection.

Chances are that if you skip this step, your ex-girlfriend will not be coming back. However, if you are fortunate to reunite despite this misstep, it will be a shaky new beginning.

You aren’t alone in your Mission Possible. You have made the right step by doing your research online. You now have an army of advisers and professionals like Brad Browning to keep you on the right track.

Studies have differing opinions on how long the no-contact rule should last. The very minimum is 30 days, but could be as long as 3 months. To you, that might seem like an eternity.

In the big picture of life, it’s a drop of water in a large stream that could end with you swimming in the ocean of love with your rekindled love for the rest of your life.

There are proven methods to accomplish your goal of how to get your ex-girlfriend back from the new guy. Keep the faith that all will work out for the best and follow the plan you have set for bringing your Ex back into your life again.

For a deeper understanding, check out our page on The Infamous 30 Days – No-Contact Period.



The Power of No contact After A Breakup

You can rid yourself of your Ex’s hold on you emotionally and chemically. Believe it or not, there is a physical chemical reaction when you are in love. You can feel physically ill when your love life is on the fritz, just like having a flu bug or a nasty virus.

  • It will open your eyes to other possibilities.
  • A broken heart hurts, and this rule is like putting a bandage on your emotional wound to give it time to heal.
  • You will be giving yourself permission to love again.
  • The endless back and forth love me/love me not cycle can finally be broken.
  • Like a jigsaw puzzle, your life can be put back together again. Unlike Humpty Dumpty, all the pieces will fit and the old you can shine through.
  • Keeping tabs on your Ex can do more harm than good. Best to let her be for now and make sure that you have grown emotionally enough to consider reconnecting.
  • You aren’t the only one that went through this breakup. Your ex-girlfriend is going to miss that something special about you sooner or later. Give her the space needed to feel the void that the loss of you has caused her.


No-contact Rule Success Story

A while ago, a friend went through a painful break-up. She felt that it was not going to be a long separation because this man was the love of her life.  She searched for guidance and found her relationship guru, Brad Browning, and his online program, where she learned about using the no-contact rule. During that “time out,” she worked on bettering herself, evaluating what went wrong, and growing as a person.

She didn’t call or contact her ex-boyfriend in any way for over two months. Afterward, when she felt she was ready for contact again, she invited him to a housewarming party. Their love was rekindled, and they are happily joined together as life partners, and it can work for you, too!

Is it possible to get an ex back?

The next THREE STEPS are more about you than her. What are some of the personal steps you need to make to have the best possible chance to win your ex-girlfriend back from the other guy?


The most attractive trait a guy can have is confidence. Do you know that girls rate confidence as the most attractive trait in a guy?  People aren’t usually born with this trait, it can be learned.

Physical Attractiveness

This is subjective and may feel a little intimidating.

Your Ex loved you before, maybe even despite your faults. During your relationship, did you let your appearance go?   Do you have photos of you and your Ex as a couple when you first became involved, and have you changed?

Physical attraction is not only what you really look like from the outside, but can also be your own inner view of yourself. Are you now your best version of good health and vitality?

Going through a breakup can make anyone feel unattractive and unlovable. There is a 2018 movie, I Feel Pretty, and even though you are most likely a guy if you’re reading this post, I’ll bet you can relate to this tale about a young woman who gets a knock on the head that causes her to believe that she has changed, and that now, everyone sees her as pretty. What an effect it can have on your confidence to see yourself differently! This movie might give you some insight on how a person can change for the better by genuinely believing that other people find them attractive.

Emotional Intelligence

In addition to working on your confidence and physical attractiveness, you’ll also want to up your emotional intelligence.  According to many experts, emotional intelligence, or EQ, is broken down into 5 categories, which are:





Social skills

All of these traits are about emotional maturity. It isn’t easy to be self-aware and to be able to show self-control when your emotions are running high.

But if you have been aware and working on self-control since your break-up, you can be confident that your Ex appreciates it, and that it will be one of the most attractive things she will notice about you post-breakup.


Is My Ex Girlfriend in a Rebound Relationship?

You accepted this Mission Possible because you already know that your Ex is dating a new guy. However, you might not know for sure if she is actually in a rebound relationship or if this new guy could be a permanent fixture. Check out our blog on rebound relationships for more insight on this phenomenon.


Reconnecting with an Ex when She Still Has a Boyfriend

Finally, it is time to reconnect with your Ex to see if all the hard work you have done till now has paid off. Your Mission Possible will soon be complete. You don’t want to mess it up now, so you want to review your plan to make sure that you don’t scare your Ex away.

Try not to come across as needy and desperate. Your Ex is still with the new guy, so make it slow and steady when you finally are able to reconnect.

How great it feels for her to finally have that “guy friend” back in her life without the relationship drama that was there before! So, if you can be that kind of friend at this point, there is a chance that she could open up to you in the future. Even better, if you have been dating others during your split, she might feel that your friendship is genuine and that you are serious about your newly platonic connection.


Proceed with caution though!

Too many people fall for the “let’s be friends” trap because it’s such a tempting idea (you have heard of the friend zone, right? It’s a terrible place to be).

Remember – love is a friendship WITH flame, not just a friendship (it could actually ruin your chances of winning your ex back!)

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What to Text Your Ex After the No-contact Period is over

Some of the first questions you may consider posing to your Ex are:

Is there any way you could see dating me again?  The answer to this question is going to give you the green, yellow or red flag of what the future might hold.

What is your fondest memory of us when we were dating?

Have you missed me, and if so or if not, why?

Is there one thing you would have wished I had done during the relationship that might have prevented us from splitting up?


How to Make your Ex Want You Back (…and Dump the New Guy!)

You have done what you can to make yourself attractive both physically and emotionally.

Now let that magic manifest itself by having your ex-girlfriend pursue you.

Try not to be too open about your “new life” without your ex-partner, but instead keep her guessing.

You are the mystery question now, and your Ex is the one who will be dying to see what has changed about you.


Great job in completing your Mission Possible in style!

Now you are your own best friend and will be Mr. Right for your Ex.

Or for a new love that will inevitably come your way with the excellent tools you have at your disposal.

Reconnecting with an ex can be beautiful.

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