So – should you ever ignore him or not? And what to do when your boyfriend ignores you?

Men are dogs! That is a common phrase used by many of us women when men really hurt us. It sounds rather absurd to compare them to dogs, as the animal is quite a wonderful friend to us humans. In addition, an English phrase describes dogs as the most loyal friends one can ever have in another being. So how do you treat a boyfriend who keeps on disrespecting you and hurting you?

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How to ignore your boyfriend to teach him a lesson

The thing is… Most men only pretend to be independent emotionally, and they do not have to have the attention that we women give to them. However, when you go to the extent of ignoring them, they go very crazy. This is an essential technique to use against a man, whom you want to teach them a good lesson.

You have noticed that if you give a man a lot of your attention, they are likely to take it for granted. Men love the part of chasing after a woman who seems so hard to get. That is the reason why in high school the hardest girls to get used to getting the most of the attention of all boys. However, once they have had a chance, they walk away and move to the next one. If you are too easy on their vibe, they think that you are not worth having, and they tend to look for another person who seems too hard to find. One can argue that men love to be challenged. This is entirely different for women.

This is because men value the art of chasing after a woman and feel as if they have won a trophy when the girl finally gives it up to their vibe. Men are after the process and not the price. Once they have found their target, they tend to lose interest in it all. Therefore, the best way to deal with them is to get them back into the process of chasing after you. To teach your boyfriend a lesson, you need to consider the circumstances surrounding your relationship. Is it a long- distance relationship that is on the verge of crumbling? Is your boyfriend ignoring you for various reasons? Is he abusive and you want him to behave? Here is a breakdown of how to go about teaching him a lesson, keeping your unique situation at hand. Before we get there, however, you need to ask yourself one important question; should you ignore him?

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Pros of ignoring your boyfriend

Ignoring your boyfriend will give you peace of mind yet at the same time resolve your differences passively. You will not have to meet your boyfriend to talk out things. Ignoring him will also make him jealous or curious to know why you seem less interested. Hence you will stand higher chances of saving your relationship. This is only possible in the case that he notices your silence and still has an interest in you.

Cons of ignoring him

The distance you will end up creating may grow too big for you to manage. Tread carefully as you go about ignoring your partner so that you do not create too much distance that may lead to a breakup. You might also prolong your suffering rather than solving your issues faster by meeting physically and talking out things.

After considering the pros and cons of ignoring your boyfriend to teach him a lesson, the ball is in your cot to decide whether to proceed with the plan or to look for alternative solutions to your problem.

The point here is that we don’t really want to ignore the ones we love and we don’t want to be ignored. What we really want is a loving and caring relationship. And ignoring each other might be a very dangerous game…

So before you apply any of these techniques, we really suggest you watch this short video. It really can help you to get him to obsess over you again.

When your boyfriend ignores you

How to ignore your boyfriend when he ignores you

How do you ignore your boyfriend to get his attention when he ignores you? How to make him feel guilty for ignoring you? Do you want him to commit to the relationship as much as you do? However silly this may sound, it works! If so, here is how to go about it effortlessly.

Take things slow

Give yourself a break! When emotions are involved, women are prone to overreacting. Instead of going that route, however, you could simply enjoy your precious time by taking a deep breath and letting go of your troubles. Take your mind out of the situation for a while to make your subconscious work. By doing this, you will be doing yourself a massive favor by controlling your actions. You do not have to do stupid things like every other crazy woman out there. Be classy about the situation, calm down. Most of all, know that your worth is not equivalent to the attention that he gives you! So, relax and give him a taste of his own medicine!

Restore the distance

“My boyfriend is ignoring me should I ignore him too?” Get back to the time before you were together. The easiest way is to get your mind to the state that he does not exist. I know that assuming things is difficult. However, make him feel that he cannot have you. As discussed above, men seem to get over people that they already had. Therefore, it is essential to become a new you that he has not had.

Think of it in this manner. If a rich aunt hands over a house to you free, you will not cherish it as much a home that you have worked hard to acquire. You will not take care of it as much as you would if you are still paying the mortgage for it, right. This works the same way in a love relationship. You will have to restore your value and make him want to have you back.

So, what to do when your boyfriend ignores you? Put your standards far too high and do things that you used not to do. Hang out in better places and take vacations to places that used not to be within your budget. This will make him feel that you are quite beyond his league, and for sure, he will drop everything and start pursuing you once more.

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How to ignore him in a long- distance relationship

Long- distance relationships can be quite hard to keep because of less communication and bonding time. In the case that you are having a rough time in your long-distance relationship, you may need to come up with a strategy of ignoring your boyfriend to get back his attention. Is he calling you less than he used to? Has he stopped surprising you with random gifts? Does he no longer create time to see you whenever he can? These are vital signs that e is getting bored with the relationship hence begins to ignore you. Ignoring your boyfriend in return will not be a hard task. Ignoring him will make him curious about why you stopped bugging him. If he is still into you, he will try to reach you. So, how do you go about ignoring him?

Stop overreacting and reduce communication

As earlier mentioned, long distance relationships are difficult to sustain. Not being able to see someone you love for long durations of time may be hard to deal with. In the case that you feel as if you are slowly losing grip of your long distance relationship, think twice. Are you just overreacting because he did not reply to your last message, or that he forgot to put an emoji to back up his sweet message? Maybe he is used to responding to your messages straight away or sending you sweet emoji’s, but you have to consider that things change. Maybe he started doing more extended shifts at work hence he does not have as much time as he used to. Perhaps he is starting a business and is going through a rough time balancing between your relationship and the startup business. You need to consider if there are any changes to his regular schedule before jumping into conclusions. He could be outright ignoring you, but how sure will you be if you fail to explore the existence of other possibilities? If you learn that he is ignoring you, keep off texting and calling him. Only do so when necessary and make him miss you. However busy he may be, he will create time to communicate with you if he truly loves you.

Keep yourself busy

If your partner or former partner is slowly slipping away in your long distance relationship, give yourself a break off them. If you have a hobby, you stopped taking part in years back, get back to it and get yourself busy. Take up new activities that you have never thought of doing, like football or weaving. If you can, this is the time to build yourself career-wise by taking a training course to better your skills in your current or prospective job. Act like you broke up with your partner and try to move on. He will feel the distance, notice your progress through social media or your circle of friends, and become interested in you once more.

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Should you ignore him after a fight?

Some men are abusive by nature, while others just decide to be abusive to women of whom they take advantage. Whichever the case, you as the victim needs to teach your boyfriend or ex a lesson by following these easy steps.

Let him know your worth!

It is ironical how women tend to reconcile with their abusive mates. As a woman, you need to know your worth before getting into any relationship. Treat yourself as a queen and other people will treat you the same. If you carry yourself cheap or worthlessly, men will treat you as a worthless being. I am quite confident you have come across the phrase, ‘dress as you would like to be addressed’. Always aim to be decent rather than slutty. Many women tend to dress in a slutty manner to attract men’s attention. This does not, however, work for women who prefer decent men. Slutty women only attract slutty and abusive men. In the case that you are already in a relationship and your partner is abusive or if you often fight, keep away from the relationship. Toxic relationships are not worth your time. The moment you begin carrying yourself with grace is the moment your abusive partner will try to get you back. If he does, he will thrive to treat you better than he used to keep you longer. However, you need to be ready to walk away for good if his abusiveness becomes too much to handle.

Set boundaries and be assertive

You have to learn to set limits so that your boyfriend knows what you can and cannot tolerate. Be very confident. There is nothing that is as attractive as a woman who knows her limits and stands by her words. Let him know from the onset of your relationship that you do not tolerate abusive behavior. It is not wrong to give him a chance. However, he needs to know what happens if he disrespects you. If his conduct only comes out once you are already in the relationship, be assertive with your initial position on his abusiveness. Take a break from him if need be, so that he has the time to think about the consequences of his actions. If he loves you, he will try to correct this behavior and even seek counseling. If his behavior becomes persistent, however, teach him a lesson by packing up!

In conclusion, ignoring your boyfriend is not as hard as you may have thought. The moment you know what you want, go for it! There are numerous ways of killing a rat. You do not have to act crazy to get the attention and respect of your ex-boyfriend, or boyfriend in this case. Always think twice before acting. Learn to control your emotions. If he ignores you, ignore him back and see how quickly he crawls back. Most of all, know your worth! Men only treat you as you treat yourself. Moreover, which man would not like to be associated with a graceful woman? Whether you are in a long distance relationship or an abusive one, you can make you man act as you wish just by learning the technique of ignoring him to teach him a lesson.

But really – The point here is that we don’t really want to ignore the ones we love and we don’t want to be ignored. What we really want is a loving and caring relationship. And ignoring each other might be a downward spiral.

So before you apply any of these techniques, we really suggest you watch this short video. It really can help you to get him to obsess over you again.