Does True Love Come Back? And What to Do When He Comes Back After a Break-up

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Should you let him come to you after a breakup?

Relationships suck!

Nevertheless, we cannot live alone in this world. Or we don’t want to. Losing the person you love can be a harrowing experience. You might be one of the unlucky women who recently went through a break-up and the only question preoccupying your mind right now is, “Will my ex come back to me?” Breakups are commonplace occurrences that most women in their dating years have gone through. That does not, however, mean that you have to go through the pain of nursing a break-up. You can decide to waste time pitying yourself all day and do nothing, or you might as well choose to get hold of the situation and do what you think is right for you- get him back!

The circumstances surrounding your break up do not matter when trying to get him back. You may have broken up with your ex through a fight, or you might have just walked away from him. In case you are the one who called it quits, it will be a bit more challenging to get him back. This does not insinuate that you cannot work your magic to get back what you want. If you genuinely love him, then go for it! After all, what is there to lose in trying? If a lot has not changed since the last time you were together, then yes, he can come back to you!

The point here is that we don’t really want to create any unnecessary drama. What we really want is a loving and caring relationship.

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Does true love come back?

Before we get into the steps of getting him back, however, it is essential to ask whether the man you were in love with can come back to you after you part ways with him. The answer is yes! True love does come back. This, however, depends on how your ex feels emotionally now. He might have gotten over you, and he might have fallen in love with another woman or just found a rebound. Alternatively, he might still be in love with you. If this is the case, then congratulations, girl! Your man could be on his way right back to you! There is, however, no guarantee that the person you love or who truly loves you will come back to you. Some people put other aspects of a relationship above love in itself; hence your ex might not necessarily come back to you simply because he loves you. To make sure he comes back to you, you can easily follow these simple steps and expedite your make up.

Will he come back after a break up?

There is no definite answer as to whether or not your ex can come back to you after a break-up. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding your breakup and how much has changed since it happened. There are vital signs that you can evaluate to determine whether he can come back to you after a break-up or not. If he seemed scared at the idea of losing you during your breakup, he will come back to you. How would you know he was frightened? He could have said he loved you during the break-up, or he could have tried to make you stay. This hesitance means you are important to him and he did not want to lose you. This is also a vital sign that he will come back, provided you go about getting him back in the correct way. All you need to do is turn on his emotional juices and his love for you will surpass his logic in no time!

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Does he initiate meetings and texts? This is a crucial sign that he enjoys your company. He wants you back but cannot say it outright. He could be scared of your reaction, for instance. To get him back, make him comfortable and do not push him away. Let him know that there could be a chance for you two get back together, but only with conditions, like changing some things that did not work out in your previous relationship.

I walked away from him will he come back?

If you are the one who took the initiative of leaving, you may need to put more effort into getting him back. In this case, you are the one to make the first move because you were the one who left. He might have been the one on the wrong, but the fact that you made the first move in going the relationship means you are the one to make the first in your reconciliation. You could as well sit back and wait for sense to hit his head so that he apologizes, but this might take forever, or even never. If you really want him back, let nothing pull you back. No matter the fact that you walked away, you can get back the love of your life if you do it the right way.

Should you let him come back to you?

The first thing you want to do is to give each other some space. Bring in the no contact rule for a while until you feel you are ready to get back into the relationship with your ex. This time will give your ex time to process the breakup. You may also use this time to think about what the break-up means and whether you want to get back to him. Other than that, you will have to refuse to have sex with him soon after your breakup. Engaging in sex soon after the break up might only prove that you want him for sex rather than to have a long-term relationship with him.

The next step is to make him miss you without you necessarily meeting him. This will draw him in. Let him jump into casual dating for as long as he wants. Time is all you need for him to come back to you. He will miss how good you treated him. He will miss your cute smile and the loving way you do things for him that he can never find in other women.

Make sure you dress to impress. You never know when you will bump into him. If he finds you dressed in inappropriate or unattractive manner, his feelings for you will just wear off. If he comes across you dressed attractively, he will be naturally drawn back to you. He will start texting you in an attempt to win you again.

Lastly, improve your general etiquette. Talk civilly, smile rather than laugh loudly and walk with your chin up. Change whatever you can to improve yourself rather than to make him notice you. This is about you, after all. In the process, he will be drawn to you when he notices how much of a lady you have become.

But, we don’t really want to create any unnecessary drama, do we? What we really want is a loving and caring relationship.

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Do you want to let him come to you after an argument?

Before doing anything, take your time to cool off after an argument.


Hold your breath and count to ten…

You are not in a position to make the right decisions when bitter. Your emotions will overwhelm your decision-making. Let the feelings out. This might take time, but you need to get over what caused your break up before trying to get him back. If you get back together at this point, you will only be bitter and will eventually make the wrong decisions in your relationship.

The first thing you should consider is if he still thinks you are self-confident. Think of it this way; when you were breaking up, did you beg him to stay? Do you keep asking him to come back? If so, sorry to say, he will not come back! Men love women who do not act desperate. They want self-confident women who do not need men to survive. If you believe he still thinks you are a self-confident woman, believe you me, he is on his way back! The next time you meet, put on that confident face and act like no one rejected you. However hard it may be, you can try on an act for a right course.

Let him come to you after a fight

If you broke up after a row, you need to get over the bitterness involved in the battle before attempting to pursue your ex. Get yourself busy with other things. Engage in a hobby that you never found the time to enjoy while you were dating. This could be hiking, reading or whatever else you would like to try. Get your mind off your current situation and mingle with other people. Do whatever you can to let your subconscious deal with the break up without you wasting your time crying all day and bothering your ex.

Let him know your worth! Carry out yourself in a manner that he realizes how priceless you are. In case you live close by, you may bump into each other. Whenever you get to talk, whether casually or as exes, let him know that he can never hurt you again. Make him realize that your survival is no dependent on your relationship. Show him that you can live without him and still be happy. Let him see from your social media or through friends that you do not tolerate being hurt by other people. Carry out yourself like a queen, and he will treat you the same!

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How do I Win him back?

Other than following all the above steps, you need to sit him down and acknowledge the problem. Let the two of you talk about what really caused the break-up and what you can do to avoid repeating the same mistake. If it was your bad behaviour or if one of you cheated, say it as it is. Avoid calling a spade a big spoon. Time will make both of you see the severity of the cause of your break up without sugar coating. It will eventually be of good to both of you.

Once you have identified the cause of your break up and you realize you were on the wrong, apologize! Forget your ego and say sorry. If it was your negligence or rudeness, apologise for hurting him and promise to change. Let him know that whatever you did that made you break up will not happen again. Once you win his trust, he will walk back to you willingly. An apology may be your only hindrance to a happy relationship with your Mr. Right!

Additionally, talk about your new relationship. What are your expectations? Please make it a mutual talk so that both of you express themselves. Let him tell you what he thinks about the relationship and what he wants to be changed. Talk to him about what you want him to change as well so that both of you are comfortable before committing to your new relationship. This is not only about your happiness, but your ex’s as well. If you really want the relationship to work, you have to consider the needs of both parties involved.

If you follow all these steps, your ex will see how serious you are about your relationship. He will put in more effort in keeping the relationship; he will even thrive to change behaviour that you cannot tolerate. Once you have done your part, relax and watch him crawl back to you like a baby does to its mother!

When he comes back

There are, however, certain precautions you will have to take to prevent another separation after the two of you reconcile. First, make sure to keep in mind the reasons for your current break. This will help you avoid repeating the same mistakes. If he left because you were rude, for instance, try to change that and talk a bit more politely. In the case that you walked out because of a behavior of his that you could not tolerate, talk to him about it so that you are on the same page. Maintaining a relationship can be a hard task, but that does not mean that you cannot give it your all. Please do whatever you can to sustain it, but overall, put yourself first! If the relationship does not seem to be taking the path you want it to, save your precious energy for a better future relationship!

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