***Every theory of love, from Plato down, teaches that each individual loves in the other sex what he lacks in himself*** ∼ G. Stanley Hall


What Makes a Woman Magnetic and Irresistible?

Every woman wants men to find her irresistible. Maybe you even have a friend who can attract men with little effort. What’s this secret power that draws men in?

Believe it or not, there’s a whole science behind the answer to this very question. While it’s impossible to ever really know what’s going on in a guy’s head, there have been plenty of studies to figure out what men find irresistible in women.

Some women are just born natural goddesses. They seem to radiate self-esteem and confidence, which makes them magnetic.

Men are drawn to high-value women much in the same way that women seek out this trait in men.

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes a woman magnetic and the science behind it.


The Science of Magnetic Female Attraction

attractive and sexy woman

Yes, there’s a science behind magnetic female attraction.

For many people, taking an analytical approach to attraction might seem like a foreign concept.

However, the fact remains that there’s a certain amount of psychology that goes into what people find attractive.

While it’s true that everyone looks for different traits in a mate, evolution has trained people to look for certain attributes subconsciously.

Basically, men and women look for certain traits in a mate even though they aren’t aware of it.

According to the Independent, a BBC survey asked men and women to list the most desirable traits that they look for in a mate. The study found that men rated physical attractiveness and overall good looks higher than women.

On the other hand, the ladies said that they look for kindness, dependability, honesty and humor.


However, newer research suggests that men and women aren’t aware of what attracts them to the opposite gender, at least not on a conscious level.


The Independent reports that during a speed dating session, “there wasn’t a difference in how many men and women found physical appearance to be the top attractive trait. The women were far more choosy about the type of men they found attractive, whereas the men seemed to be less discriminatory“.

Once again, these results have a lot to do with psychology and raw animal instinct.

On a primal level, men are programmed to want to spread their seed, whereas women are programmed to find mates who will produce the best offspring.

What does all this mean for the science of magnetic female attraction?

What it means is that there’s more at play in what attracts a man to a woman than most people are aware.

Even the factors that they assume are traits they look for in a mate might not play as big of a role in attraction as they think.


So what is it that men find IRRESISTIBLE in a woman? 

To find the answer to this question, you need to understand men on a deep EMOTIONAL level.

(it is NOT that complicated really…)

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With that said, what makes a woman irresistible to a man? What are the man magnet traits? Let’s have a look at sexual polarity and chemistry.


Sexual Polarity and Chemistry: How to Enhance the Sexual Attraction of Gender Polarity

According to Robbins Research International, the term “sexual polarity” is used to describe the magnetic pull or physical chemistry between two people. In short, it’s the energy that you feel when you meet someone who’s opposite of you.

Remember that this doesn’t always refer to opposite genders and can be anyone who has a different energy.

In most cases, sexual polarity refers to feminine and masculine energy.

“Like how magnets of the opposite polarity attract each other, these two energies attract each other.”

The most obvious case of this involves the sexual connection between a man and a woman. However, it can also be seen in members of the same sex, which just further proves its scientific legitimacy.

For example, even in same-sex couples, there’s usually one partner who exudes more masculine energy and one who radiates more feminine energy.

Try not to get too caught up in the idea of looking masculine or looking feminine, though. It’s more about the energy or the personality that you have.


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Unfortunately, this magnetic pull can lock us into toxic relationships.

Many of us know someone who’s with a guy who drips masculinity. Sometimes, he’s labeled as the “bad boy.”

Why doesn’t she leave him if the relationship is toxic? Some of it has to do with the raw, magnetic attraction that keeps the chemistry in their relationship tantalizing.

However, increasing the sexual polarity between two partners can improve the chemistry of healthy relationships as well. It can also aid you in becoming irresistible and magnetic to the men you meet.


How to be a Man Magnet – Restoring Your Feminine Core

The fear that we aren’t loved or good enough is crippling.

This fear makes us create masks and these masks cover up our sexual polarity. In order to improve on it, we have to work on removing these masks.

Most people are born with either a feminine or masculine polarity. Because of certain events, often outside of our control, we develop masks to put on.

For example, maybe a mother teaches her daughter that she should never depend on a man. While being independent is neither feminine or masculine, this statement seems masculine because it puts the notion out there that men are independent.

Inadvertently, the girl creates a masculine mask to wear.

She has to remove this mask in order to restore her feminine polarity.

“The fear that we aren’t loved or good enough is crippling”

not traditionally beautiful woman but attractive

Some experts believe that depolarization is a good thing.

Others even think that depolarization is one of the first steps in creating equality for both men and women.

We’re not here to debate this. However, polarization still plays a role in the raw chemistry that creates magnetic women.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that polarity isn’t about the formation of gender roles.

A woman who’s the breadwinner in a household can still be feminine in the same way that a stay-at-home dad can remain masculine.

It’s society that labels these roles as either male or female, which leads to masks.

Since that’s the case, how do women go about reconnecting with their feminine core? What makes a woman intriguing to a man?

Everyone reawakens her feminine core in different ways. Lifestyle coach Jordan Gray says that women can increase their feminine energy in many ways. Some of these include:

  • Have female-only time.
  • Try having more orgasms.
  • Wear fewer jeans and more skirts and dresses.
  • Get your body moving with some exercise.



You might be using dangerous words and phrases that affect men much more than you realize. (Most women do this without even knowing it, and accidentally kill their man’s attraction towards them)

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What a Man Finds Irresistible in a Woman

silhouette of a woman radiating feminine energy

Understanding the information above is important, but let’s get into the meat of what you want to know. What are the traits that men find irresistible in women?

Answering the question “what makes a woman desirable” is often difficult because many guys aren’t even sure what they’re looking for in women.

However, some things magnetically draw them to certain women. Knowing what these are can help you incorporate or work on these elements in yourself to make you irresistible.



Keep in mind that confidence and having a big ego are two different things altogether.

In fact, having a big ego is typically a turnoff for men because it goes against polarity, which we talked about above.

The way a woman carries herself says a lot about her level of confidence, and men pick up on that naturally. Why?

Because women who are confident can take care of their own emotional needs and can set up boundaries.

Women who are confident also spend less time focusing on themselves.

They know what they have and are confident in it. Women who need constant reassurance tend to talk about themselves a lot. They fish for compliments and interest in their lives to reassure themselves. This is a process that can become tiresome quickly.

Instead, talk about the guy.

Confident women are genuinely interested in the men they meet. Men are naturally drawn to these types of women and find them both attractive and sexy.

women power - become super attractive


High Feminine Voice

Another trait of a magnetic woman is a feminine voice.

However, feminine voices are appealing to both genders, according to a study posted on Plos.org.

In this study of 30 men and 30 women, both genders rated female voices attractive, whereas nearly only women rated male voices as attractive.

Why is a high feminine voice rated so attractive by men? Experts believe that the brain associates high feminine voices with youth, which is instinctively attractive to men because young mates are more fertile.

Once again, this is just one of those irresistible traits in some women that attract men.


Outward Appearance

Yes, one of the first things that attracts a man to a woman is her outward appearance.

This likely has to do with the fact that beauty and youth go hand in hand. Younger women are more fertile than older women.

Based on instinct, men have a better chance of making babies with younger women.

In addition, outward appearance affects men on a psychological level. Subconsciously, men look for attractive women because it gives them a better chance of making attractive children.

Theoretically, these children would have a better chance of continuing the family line. This is something that all species inherently want to do.

To make your appearance attractive, take pride in your grooming practices.

Spend time doing your hair and makeup. In doing so, you’re making yourself a more magnetic woman.

becoming an attractive woman doesn't have to be difficult.



Men are more likely to spend time chatting and flirting with friendly women, so it stands to reason that magnetic women are friendly by nature.

This includes talking openly with one another without having to beat around the bush.

It isn’t hard to see this trait in action, especially at a bar or any other social gathering.

The women who are friendly and engaging will have men eating out of her hands. The ones who are rude or standoffish will find themselves picking up the scraps.

Sometimes, being friendly also means starting the conversation.

Guys can’t always tell if you’re friendly just by looking at you. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. This also shows that you have confidence, which is another trait of a magnetic woman.


Calmness and Manners

Men like women who can stay calm.

A man doesn’t want a woman who will text him every 30 minutes to find out where he is or if he did what she told him to do. He wants a woman who is calm and easy to talk to.

Calmness makes the guy more likely to talk to you about problems as well.

Also, men like women who have manners and behave like ladies. This goes back to the sexual polarity that we talked about above.

Having manners is a feminine trait that makes women approachable. The next time that you’re out eating, remember your manners. It does more than you know to attract men.

What makes a woman intriguing to a man?

Waste-to-Hip Ratio

Waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) also plays a role in determining the ideal woman from a man’s perspective.

According to Doctor Cary Fitzgerald from South Carolina University, there’s an ideal WHR that men find attractive. What’s this magic number? Doctor Fitzgerald says the magic WHR is 0.7. Thankfully, calculating WHR isn’t hard to do. It’s the result of the waist girth divided by the hip girth.

Doctor Fitzgerald notes that certain popular actresses have this ratio despite having different builds. Jessica Alba, Marylin Monroe and Kate Moss are a few examples.

Just being skinny doesn’t attract men. Having a waist that’s smaller than your hips is the secret formula.


Become the Magnetic Woman You Know You Can Be

Now you know that there’s more to attraction than meets the eye.

More factors are in play to attract a man than even men realize.

Thankfully, you have an understanding of the science behind sexual polarity and how it works. You also know the magnetic traits that make women irresistible and intriguing to men.

But there is much more to it than that…


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