Giving Him Space to Figure Out What He Wants – 18 Tips to Follow

***There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love*** ∼ Martin Luther King Jr.

Navigating the world of romantic relationships can be difficult at times. It can often be difficult for both people in a relationship to be on the exact same page. If you’re currently dating a guy who doesn’t seem to know how he wants to proceed, that can be a source of immense distress to you. And the obvious question is: will he come back if I give him space?

The only thing you can do, however, is respect his wishes.

Some people need a little bit of space in order to be able to figure out whether they want to move forward romantically. If you’re interested in giving your partner some space for clarity, then these suggestions can all help you do so. PsychCentral indicates that space can in some cases pave the way for a romantic relationship that can stand the test of time. So, how to give him space and make him miss you?

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It doesn’t matter how much you cherish your telephone calls with your partner. If you want to provide him with the necessary space, then you have to resist the temptation to call him on the phone seemingly nonstop.

It’s not enough to refrain from calling him all the time. It’s just as important to refrain from sending him text messages any time the mood strikes. If you call your partner too much, then you run the risk of him thinking that you want to take charge of every single aspect of his day-to-day existence, and that’s the last thing you want.

Steer Clear of Giving Him Instant Responses

You don’t want to ever seem too accessible to your significant other. Being overly accessible may lead to feelings of “claustrophobia.”

If you want to steer clear of smothering your partner by being too easy to access, then you should wait a bit prior to responding to his emails and text messages. You don’t have to make it a game, either. If he sends you a message that requires rapid action, you can respond quickly. If he doesn’t, then you can take your sweet time. Provide him with the luxury of space. It can give you an air of mystery.

Give him an answer once you feel ready. This will indicate to him that you’re an individual who has your own pastimes and aims.

You don’t want the person you’re dating to think that you live exclusively to cater to him, because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Use Social Media Platforms in Moderation

If you want to give your man a bit of space, then it may be in your greatest interests to cool it with social media use for a while. That means that you should probably cool it with checking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter seemingly all day long.

You may be refraining from reaching out to him via social media. That may not stop you from fixating on every single social media action he takes or doesn’t take, however. You may find yourself asking if he’s commented, followed or “liked” anything involving any female under the sun. You may find yourself wondering why he’s grinning in an image that just popped up on his best friend’s feed. It can be extremely unhealthy to fixate like this.

If you want to steer clear of all of these pitfalls and wastes of precious time, then you should probably restrict your social media use at least for a little while. Don’t forget that fixating on another human being will accomplish nothing more than pushing him away. It can drive you batty, too.

Just Say No to Nagging Him

It can be a huge mistake to nag a man who believes that he needs some space. You don’t want to barrage your significant other with nonstop questions that involve his life.

Don’t ask him about any plans he has coming up for the weekend. Don’t ask him who he has talked to in recent times. Don’t ask him if you could have handled anything differently previously.

Bombarding him with questions will give him a new level of stress. It won’t exactly create any positive associations with you.

If you don’t want your partner to find you bothersome, then you should play it cool. Note, too, that he may need space as a means of getting his thoughts together. That’s why he may not even be able to provide you with the answers you need in order to move forward.

Realize That Pursuing Him Persistently Is Below You

It isn’t uncommon for women who are hurt and confused to pursue men who need space persistently and stubbornly. You definitely do not want to join their ranks, though. Hunting a man down will give you a pathetic vibe that isn’t exactly alluring. It won’t make him crawl back to you. It may even make you loathe yourself.

Avoid Any and All Romantic Ultimatums

People who feel hurt romantically often do things without thinking. If you want to give your partner the space he yearns for and deserves so much, then you should avoid going forward with any and all ultimatums.

Don’t tell your partner that you’ll do anything dangerous if he doesn’t get back to you rapidly. Don’t tell him that you’re all by yourself and totally vulnerable and bewildered, either. Saying things like that will give him unnecessary pressure.

Remember, this “break” isn’t all about you. It’s about making sure that your partner has the room to grow as a mature and thoughtful adult.

It’s about seeing to it that he has sufficient time to think straight about the status of your romantic union and its future.

Tell Yourself That Agonizing Is a Pure Waste of Energy and Time

You’re a smart, loving and worthwhile human being. That’s the reason that you have to remember that no human is worth losing your sense of self over.

It doesn’t matter how witty, charming or cool your partner is. You have to live for yourself above all else. That’s the reason that you need to stop agonizing about the state of your relationship. Admit to yourself that life goes on. If your rekindle your romance, that’s terrific news. If you do not, that news is just as terrific. You’ll move forward with a fresh new chapter in your universe, and that’s a genuinely wonderful thing.

You should never let being afraid rule your existence. You should never let it dictate how you react to other peoples’ wishes and emotions, either. Ending a relationship is in no way, shape or form all about doom and gloom. It’s not a big tragedy. It signifies that something just wasn’t right. It points to something that may not have been ideal or “meant to be.”

If your significant other decides after getting time away from you that he truly wants out, then it wasn’t what you thought it was initially. Be okay with the fact that being apart is actually the better path for you both.

Make Yourself Your Number One Priority

Self-respect is essential for people who want to revel in rewarding and healthy interpersonal relationships. If you want to master the art of giving another person essential space, then you should kick things off by admitting to yourself that you’re your number one priority.

No one else on the planet can fill that spot for you. Don’t concentrate on your partner. Concentrate on yourself and all of the things that you may be able to do to seize the day.

Ask yourself why your emotions are the way they are. Find out what you really dread the most. Do you honestly dread the termination of your relationship? Is there perhaps something a bit deeper to consider?

Remember, questioning yourself is actually conducive to moving forward in a healthy manner. It can give you the chance to zero in on self-improvement. It can give you the chance to feel better about yourself and your place under the sun in general.

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You know that you’re one tough cookie. That’s the reason that it can be healthy to acknowledge that you’ll end up just fine in the long run.

It doesn’t matter what your partner ends up doing. His decision won’t influence the big picture in your universe. If you want to be a person who is content within your own skin, then you have to understand that you’re someone who doesn’t need anyone else. You can get by on your own without any issues at all.

Don’t shy away from admitting that things will be fine after you process your emotions. If your significant other opts to make your space situation a permanent one, then you will bounce back like a champion.

It may even help to jot this concept down on a blank piece of paper. Reading it can help you keep your eyes on the prize. It can be smart to jog your mind. Ask yourself what you may do all by yourself. You should think about starting a daily journal that can help you keep all of your thoughts in check.

Remember That Manipulation Isn’t Fun

People are all in charge of their own universes. It doesn’t matter how hard you try. You cannot manipulate others to do things for you.

They’re the ones who make big decisions for themselves. The reality is that people are in charge of their own destinies, plain and simple.

That’s part of what makes life so wonderfully unpredictable and fascinating at times. If your partner declares that he’s in need of space, it may be all about him, nothing more and nothing less. If he declares that he’s in need of space, the other option applies, too. It may have everything to do with who you are and how you make him feel. It doesn’t matter, though.

The outcome is identical. All it means is that you shouldn’t be together at this moment in time. It may not be optimal for you two to ever be together again. You aren’t able to adjust how he feels about things. If he decides that he wants to pursue one path that doesn’t involve you, then you should find peace in that.

Work on Other Interpersonal Relationships

You’re a normal person. That means that you know other people. You have friends, family members, coworkers and the whole nine yards. If you want to give your partner sufficient space, then it may be a terrific opening for you to work on your other existing interpersonal relationships.

The last thing that you want to do is dismiss the other people you cherish so much. Instead of fixating on your partner who needs space, give your time and energy to people who would do anything in the world to be in your company. Go to restaurants together. Go for leisurely park walks. Take up exciting and enriching new pastimes. Being around others shouldn’t feel like a chore or an obligation for you. It should be something that you truly relish.

Motivate Your Significant Other to Zero in on His Pastimes

If you do have any contact with your partner during your big “break,” then you should proceed in a mature, calm, cool and collected manner. Act like a composed adult.

It may even be intelligent to motivate your partner to explore brand new territory. Doing this may make him curious. It may make him wonder why you’re being so rational. Suggest to him going forward with pastimes that he adored prior to the beginning of your relationship. If you talk to him about the value of having pastimes, then it may communicate to him that you have no plans to smother him.

Have a Thorough and Lengthy Discussion

Communication is and has always been the key to attaining and maintaining a rock-solid romantic relationship. It doesn’t matter if your union is going stronger than ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a break that involves giving and receiving space, either. It can always help to take part in a comprehensive and sincere conversation as a duo.

Talking things out may help you grasp your partner’s emotions. That’s how it may make it a lot simpler for you to respect any and all of his space wishes. You have the right to pose questions that relate to your relationship. If you want to pose questions, though, you have to proceed prudently.

Don’t take a rash approach to anything. Make a point to choose all of your words wisely. Don’t make the mistake of being accusatory. Incendiary dialogue is the last thing you need or want at this point.

It may help to indicate that you want to navigate his mysterious and fascinating thought processes. You should prioritize words that don’t make people feel threatened. If you select words that seem accusatory, all you may accomplish is getting your partner to retreat even further away from you and your relationship.

Do Not Build Up Any Anger or Hostility

People all have the right to pursue lives that make them feel good about themselves. That’s why you should steer clear of building any feelings of anger.

Yes, it’s true that your partner wants a bit of space. It’s also true that that’s no reason to dislike him or wish bad things on him. Hostility is in no way conducive to emotional well-being. It’s in no way conducive to getting back on track with a healthy romantic relationship, either.

If a person doesn’t want to be in your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that doesn’t mean that he’s awful or a villain.

It simply means that he needs a bit of time to clear his brain and figure out what he wants out of his life.

Be Yourself

It isn’t unheard of for people who are in the middle of relationship “breathers” of sorts to decide that they have to revamp their existences. If a man wants some space away from you, then your reaction shouldn’t be to tweak yourself to impress him at a later time. It actually should be to accentuate all of the best things you have.

It can be problematic to adjust the way you act on a dime. If you present yourself in a shockingly new way to your partner, you’ll come across as being fake. If you want to adjust your attitude and perhaps enhance your relationship for the future, then it can help to go forward with things gradually.

Giving Him Space to Figure Out What He Wants – Upgrade Your Existence

Your romantic relationship does not define you. Read that sentence once again.

You’re a worthwhile human being. There are so many things that make you who you are.

If you want to give your partner some necessary space, then it may give you the ideal opening to upgrade your existence. You may out of nowhere have time to pursue a higher education. It may be smart to register for classes at a local community college or trade school. It may be a fantastic time to learn how to speak a new language, try your hand at gourmet cooking or perhaps even begin an energetic daily physical fitness routine. You should take advantage of the time to be on your own for a while.

Define All of Your Relationship Wishes

Since you’re giving your boyfriend some space, you most likely have some time to sort out your own feelings. If you do, then it can be a fantastic “excuse” to assess what you want out of your future romantic relationships. Remember, people are drawn to others who know precisely what they want out of life.

Conclusion — Be Patient

Relationships can be tricky and perplexing. They’ve been difficult for people since the beginning of time. If your partner requests that you give him some space, that’s exactly what you have to do.

You should be thankful that you have the opening to do something different in your own world as well. You may want to think about overhauling your diet and health. You may want to think about reaching out to people who used to be your closest friends. The sky is the limit for people who are serious about self-improvement.

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