What Defines a Healthy Relationship?

When we talk about getting your woman/man back to the relationship, we shall probably talk a bit on the subject of a healthy relationship. What is actually a healthy, loving, meaningful relationship? What defines it?


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What Are The Factors That Constitute A Good Relationship?

What are relationships?

Were you to research the meaning thereof the answer would be the difference between dating and being in a relationship where either officially or unofficially you are seeing someone on an exclusive basis.

Going from that perspective what is regarded as good relationships?

If you have these or at least half of the pointers in the relationship you are well on your way to having a good or even near to perfect relationship.

You and your partner know how to engage with one another in a playful manner.
You and your partner both agree the other has wonderful ideas.
You look up to your partner and would like to take on some of his/her qualities.
He/she is the one you think of first thing in the morning or when apart.
You trust and respect your partner.
You may not always agree completely but admit when there are valid points raised in an argument.
You kiss and hug every day.
You get enthusiastic about something your partner likes.
You can talk for hours.
You have many of the same ideas but can equally see the relevance in those you may not agree with.
You know your partner’s goals and dreams and will assist where possible for them to reach their goal.
You value your partner.
You openly and honestly share your past with them.
You and your partner enjoy the way in which you are both growing in your personalities.
You celebrate each other’s victories.
You know your partner’s favorite authors.
You know your partner’s favorite foods.
You know your partner’s deepest desires.
You both bring positive attributes to the fore.
You both enjoy reminiscing about the past.
You do not encroach on each other’s time but encourage each other’s favorite pass times.
You discuss openly and honestly traits which are less positive and how to improve on them.
You often express your gratitude to one another.
You openly express your connection in public.
There are no taboo subjects.
There are no secrets between you.
You are both respectful and mindful of relationships with the other’s family members.
Your partner is the one you turn to for moral support.
Your partner is the person who will understand your hurts and with kindness offer advice if asked for, and then be kind and honest with the feedback given.


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Some of these aforementioned pointers are brought into the relationship over time. Yet the most important ingredients in any relationship, young or old, are respect, honesty, and integrity. You need to value yourself first to be able to value your partner.

Any relationship is a give and take. It is over time where you enable one another to grow together. Each person in that relationship needs to be aware that both parties are important. Both parties have a right to happiness. And as long as you are both happy, you don’t need to care aboutt questions like “What should I do after the no-contact rule” etc. Because you both have the ability to make or break it. Both can harm with words spoken. In saying that it brings to the fore again that you need to value each other. Respecting each other’s viewpoints and being able to integrate those into your own way of thinking. It is also important to understand that within any form of a relationship there is something to be learned from your partner.

More importantly, relationships are deeper than the physical attraction. If that is all you have in your relationship, then it will not last past the sell by date, which could be 1 day to 1 year and if you are lucky a few extra years. A good relationship is about engaging the whole being, the mind, the body and the soul. Ultimately that will be the factor that will bind you together in a good, honest, and trusting relationship.


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