Time to Apply the no contact rule

5 Signs its time to end the relationship

Relationships are beautiful but things change with the mode of time sometimes things are in favor and occasionally heartbreaking. You don’t know what’s in your heart sometimes. So if you are in the middle of the line assuming things and not aware if you should end or not then let us know it with me whether you should stop or not. Signs to tell if it’s an end or not. Because life is too short to know the right thing, know it soon and go with the flow. Maybe something big is waiting

  1. No interest in conversation:

Have you started losing interest in the chat? Is the chat reduced from 24hrs chat to 10 min chat.do you chat lands to be a boring piece of the slice. Then it’s a sign you have lost interest in the relationship. So rather than pushing it hard to carry the relationship further, it’s better to end it instead of putting your self-respect on risk.

Has your sex life ceased to exist, has it been months you both had sex or a kiss?  Staying attractive and staying close is a part of the relationship which has to exist. If your appeal is reduced, then it is time to realize that.

You are having regular doubts on each other and you feel there is a lack of understanding because of insecurity on each other. Then, honey, it’s not good for your relationship. Every relationship can’t go on without trust and trust plays a crucial part in a relationship, and if you have lost your faith, then it’s better to end before things go wrong and you have to end things on a bad note.

  1. You are getting attracted to others more than your partner:

There was a time when you both were each other’s bugs bunny and you used to talk all the time, but now you no longer enjoy their company rather you like someone else’s interaction with you more than your partner’s. Someone else makes you feel more happy and comfortable than your partner. Which means that maybe it’s time to test the principle of not contacting your ex-partner or end the relationship since there is no spark left between you both!

  1. You don’t see the future with each other:

You both have stopped planning the future with each other; you don’t feel that you both have a long time left with each other. You are just with each other for the sake of being together.  Then the relationship is not worth holding for. So rather than being fake with each other, you both should end of mutual consent.

If you are getting all these hints then you should not bother each other and end your relationship on a good note because sometimes its not what you plan for. You and your partner must have had a fantastic start but as you enter a relationship you know a person better, and some qualities are the same as it where before. So if it’s not what it has to be then maybe its just not in your destiny.

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