Is It Possible to Get Your Ex Back After Months? Find Out And Go For It!

***Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.*** ∼ Oprah Winfrey

Relationships end for a reason. Maybe you or they were hurt, or trust was broken, or you just didn’t feel compatible. But that’s not to say that there’s no hope of getting back together, even after several months.

It might be the case that after months apart, you both realize that what you actually want is to be together.

So is it possible to get your ex back after months of being broken up?

In short, yes it’s possible.

Here are some things to think about if you’re thinking about getting back together with your ex after months apart.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Time apart can actually be a good thing.

So if you’ve been separated for several months, you’ve both had time to reflect and think about what you want. And if your relationship ended because one or both of you was hurt, you’ll have had time to heal.

So you might find that after a few months apart the hurt is less, and you’re both ready to start afresh.

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Time can also create distance

On the other hand, you’ll need to bear in mind that your ex may not feel the same way you do.

If you’ve been separated for months, your ex may have moved on from your relationship. They may not have feelings for you still, or they may have found someone new.

If you’ve drifted apart or your ex has moved on you have two options:

1) accept that getting back together isn’t possible

2) try to rekindle the relationship.

Rekindling the passion

If you want to try and get your ex back after so long apart, you’ll want to look your best and make an effort. Remind them of why they were attracted to you, because after time apart, they may have forgotten.

If they broke up with you, it’s likely they had their reasons. So when you’re trying to rebuild the relationship, don’t remind them of any bad memories they might have, try to focus on the good ones.

Start afresh

If you and your ex have decided to give it another shot, make sure you both know it’s a fresh start.

When you were last together, something about your relationship caused it to end, so don’t try to force things back to how they used to be.

Instead, start afresh. Let go of any grudges, or expectations left over from your previous time together. Just enjoy being together, and see where this new chapter takes you.

Go Get Her Champ

Breakups don’t always have to be final. In fact, for some people, they’re just a much-needed break from the relationship, rather than the end of the relationship.

If you want your ex back, even if it’s been several months since you broke up, it’s worth seeing if they feel the same way. But one thing to bear in mind is: approach with caution! Your ex may have moved on, or may not want to get back together.

But if you’re still in love with them, it’s worth a shot and your chances are probably higher than you think.

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