Man Magnet Traits – What Makes a Woman Magnetic and Irresistible

***Every theory of love, from Plato down, teaches that each individual loves in the other sex what he lacks in himself*** ∼ G. Stanley Hall

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Man Magnet

All women want to be her. All women want to be that vixen who’s a total man magnet.

She enters a room, effortlessly strikes up a conversation with the most gorgeous guy in the joint and within minutes he’s practically proposing to her. All women want to be the woman who scores the exact type of guy she wants and gets the ring within a year.

Unfortunately, many women often feel like they’re the complete opposite.

They don’t have scores of men calling them and asking to take them out on dates. They feel insecure and awkward when they try to strike up a conversation with a handsome man. When they do find themselves in a relationship with a man they like, things always seem to dissolve around the four month mark.

Any woman, no matter how rough her romantic history or how low her self-esteem, has the potential to transform herself into the type of confident and self-assured woman who effortlessly attracts high-quality men. Becoming an irresistible woman is about cultivating certain traits and operating under a specific type of mindset. Keep reading to discover how you can become that woman.

What makes a woman magnetic and irresistible? When many women think about what makes one desirable, the things they visualize typically have little to do with personality or attitude and everything to do with appearances. If you ask a woman what makes women attractive to men, they’ll typically say things like “slender body” or “full lips.”

Look, it would be a lie to tell you that looks don’t matter. Human beings are very visual creatures and this is especially true of the less fair sex. Men often make the decision to initially pursue a woman based solely on appearances, whereas women will sometimes pursue a man who isn’t particularly attractive to them but who possesses a personality or a sense of humor to which they gravitate.

If you’re serious about pursuing a partner, then yes, you should do things that make you more physically appealing. If you’re unhappy with your weight, then commit to a fitness plan and a healthy diet that will improve how you look and how you feel.

If you’re unhappy with your hair, treat yourself to a professional cut and color. As long as you have a healthy mindset and aren’t driven by insecurity or self-loathing, there’s nothing wrong with including outward changes as part of an overall self-improvement plan.

However, looks are not the beginning and ending of landing the man of your dreams.

The world is full of stunning women who’ve been victims of infidelity and broken hearts. If you open up the pages of any tabloid magazine, you’ll see stories about the most beautiful Hollywood starlets getting cheated on by their partners. In fact, these men often choose to cheat with women who aren’t even as gorgeous as their famous paramours.

Furthermore, you’ve probably met women who weren’t anything special in the looks department, but who had active love lives and who seemed to effortlessly attract men. This is because they had the right magnetic traits and have mastered the powerful techniques that render them irresistible to men.

This guide isn’t going to focus on appearances.

Yes, appearances are important, but being “hot” isn’t the magic bullet that lands a woman a happy and long-lasting relationship.

If you want to make physical changes to improve your chances of attracting the type of man you want, the internet is full of information on weight loss, fitness, skincare, makeup and fashion. Let’s instead focus on what it takes to be a true desirable woman, which is all about your attitude and mindset, not what you look like.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to dive into the magical rules of magnetic woman traits.

So what is it that men find IRRESISTIBLE in a woman? 

To find the answer to this question, you need to understand men on a deep EMOTIONAL level.

(it is NOT that complicated really…)

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With that said, what makes a woman irresistible to a man? What are the man magnet traits? Let’s have a look at the four ultimate rules.

What a Man Finds Irresistible in a Woman

Rule #1: A Man-Magnet Controls Her Own Narrative and Cultivates The Right Mindset

There was once a woman named Marina who should’ve been a total stunner. She was a hot brunette who was known for her trademark red lipstick and little black dresses. She had a law degree and had spent years traveling the world. She was hilariously funny and stupendously bright and well-read.

With credentials like those, Marina was understandably good at getting male attention. However, by the time she hit thirty, she’d had about a dozen boyfriends and no ring. She found herself being the victim of infidelity over and over again. When her boyfriends weren’t sleeping around, they were simply losing interest and ghosting her after a few months of dating.

This pattern had put a huge dent in Marina’s confidence. However, in an attempt to seem unbothered by this long string of heartbreaks, Marina often relied on self-deprecating jokes when she was around her friends. She always made jokes about being the one who always got cheated on eventually. When she was actively dating someone, she’d make cracks about how he was going to stop calling her “any day now.”

Marina allowed a bunch of losers to be the ones who decided her narrative for her. Her mindset was a lousy one.

She entered relationships with the knowledge that she’d been dumped so many times in the past, which made her often come off as desperate and clingy. When she tried to seem confident, it would often feel fake and cocky.

One day as Marina was making jokes to her girlfriends about being dumped for yet another secretary with frizzy hair, her friend Lisa decided to call her out on her so-called humor.

“Marina, we love you, but you’re so transparent,” Lisa said, her tone loving but firm. “You make jokes about these experiences that we all know hurt you. You dwell on the past and let these men live rent-free in your memories. If you’ve defined yourself as ‘the girl who gets dumped,’ why does it still come as a shock to you when men break your heart? Of course you get cheated on, you’ve defined yourself as the perpetual victim of cheating! You have so much going for you. It’s time to stop with these so-called jokes. You need to evict these men from your brain.”

A lesser woman might’ve felt insulted and told Lisa to screw off, but Marina knew her friend was right.

She did the smart thing and took Lisa’s advice. She decided to completely forget her exes and no longer brought up stories of heartbreak. If she found her mind wandering to a past love, she closed her eyes, breathed deeply and allowed the thought to naturally pass. When people would ask her about her romantic past, she’d just shrug and say coyly, “still haven’t met ‘the one,’ I guess.”

Marina slowly changed her narrative. She was the lawyer who took frequent trips to Europe, not the girl who always got dumped. Sure, she’d had some heartbreaks, but they were all distant memories.

She cultivated the mindset of a blank slate, a woman who was ready for love, not a woman who’d been burned countless times in the past. When a new relationship didn’t work out, she didn’t consider it to be evidence of some “pattern,” but rather just a blip on the radar meant to quickly be forgotten.

This mindset changed her behavior and made her so much more attractive to men. Eventually, Marina found a partner who she ended up marrying. In their initial months of dating when he asked her about her romantic history, she just shrugged and told him she’d had some flings but never anyone special.

Ultimately, you need to let go of the past and be totally in control of your own narrative. No matter what’s happened in the past, you need to view yourself as that total blank slate. Forget the names of all your ex-boyfriends. Stop trying to find patterns and stop making jokes where you’re the victim.

You’re no one’s victim, you’re no victim of any pattern and you’re a totally magnetic woman whose future is completely open and full of possibility.

Rule #2: A Man-Magnet Does Not Need A Man

One of the most pernicious and overly repeated so-called “dating tips” in history is the idea that men like to feel needed. You see it time and again in magazines and online. “Men used to be hunter-gatherers and they still have that deep biological need to provide. You have to make him feel needed. If he thinks you don’t need him, he’ll go looking for someone who does.”

This oft-repeated piece of advice is an absolute load of rubbish.

So many women have been hurt because they thought they needed to play the role of the damsel in distress. That’s not how to be a man magnet. If you’re trying to make a man feel needed, you’ll appear to be needy, and men are allergic to needy women. Needy women make men bolt.

Screw the idea of making him feel needed! Let his mother make him feel needed.

You are irresistible. You attract men precisely because you do not need them to be happy. You have a career you love. You’re committed to personal development, self-care and independently bettering yourself. If you’re single, you’re thrilled about it. More time for your side business, your yoga regimen or your commitment to mastering a foreign language.

This advice can be hard to internalize if you’re not happy being single.

Start thinking of self-love as a muscle; when you don’t exercise it, it atrophies. However, when you commit to loving yourself, it gets stronger.

If you spend your nights sipping wine and listening to Taylor Swift while you feel sorry for yourself that there’s no man in your life, it should come as no surprise that you feel like you need a man to be happy.

If you spend your nights listening to music that pumps you up while you hit the gym, read a book or scribble down the things you’re happy about in a gratitude journal, you’ll start to feel happy and fulfilled regardless of a man’s presence in your life.

When you do enter a relationship, it’s important to commit to this type of independence.

Men never ditch their hobbies or interests for their girlfriends, whereas women frequently give up the things they love for their new boyfriend. As of right now, you are vowing to never do this again.

If a man tries to interfere with your routine or your hobbies, you tell him to either wait until you’re free or get lost. If you need to vent about a bad day, you don’t play the damsel in distress and call him to cheer you up. Situations like this are what family is for, so call your mother to gripe. If this man proposes to you and becomes your husband, you can vent to him then, as he’ll be family. Until then, you do not need him, period.


You might be using dangerous words and phrases that affect men much more than you realize. (Most women do this without even knowing it, and accidentally kill their man’s attraction towards them)

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There is never a good reason to tell a man everything about you within the first month of dating.

Unfortunately, the world is full of women who spend first dates griping about the ex-boyfriend who cheated or the father who was emotionally distant during their childhood.

This behavior scares men off for two reasons. First, you appear to be someone who has a lot of baggage and men hate dealing with baggage.

Second, and this is the most important reason, you’ve immediately lost all of your mystery. There’s nothing left to learn about you.

He wanted to see the whole movie and he ended up accidentally reading a spoiler just as he was about to drive to the cinema.

Sure, he might still go see the film, but the excitement and suspense are gone.

Men crave mystery in their partners. They want to discover things as they go along, not hear everything all at once at the very onset of your relationship.

As tempting as it might be to open up to someone with whom you feel an instant connection, it’s crucial that you don’t.

Keep your secrets guarded and keep your past in a vault in your heart. In the first months of dating, only reveal superficial information, such as anecdotes about work or your hobbies. If you’ve dealt with traumas or heartbreaks, they shouldn’t be revealed until six months or so into a relationship.

Don’t disclose your innermost secrets to a man who you don’t think you have the potential to marry. Unless you think he might be your future husband and you’ve really cemented your bond, your past is none of his business.

Rule #4: A Man-Magnet Doesn’t Chase a Man

It’s immensely frustrating for women to listen to the way men complain to their buddies about the women they’re in the process of rejecting. “Bro, she’s just so clingy! She’s always calling and texting. She comments on everything I post on Facebook. She added my cousin to her friend list and messaged my mom!”

So, what makes a woman desirable?

Remember, man-magnets don’t need men. Hence, they do not chase men, as you don’t chase after something you don’t need.

When you’re dating a guy, let him call or text first. Don’t send him multiple texts or long paragraphs, either. Be pleasant but aloof in your communication. If a man does something you don’t appreciate, such as arrive late to a date, tell him that you’re not happy with his behavior. If he tries to play mind games to somehow make you feel guilty, don’t allow him to and stand your ground.

There was once a woman named Maddie who was dating a guy she was totally head-over-heels in love with and her infatuation caused her to miss a lot of red flags.

One day this man decided to borrow Maddie’s car without letting her know. When Maddie arrived home from work early to see that her vehicle was missing, it became a four-hour ordeal that involved a call to the police and tons of panicking. When her then-boyfriend finally returned with the car, Maddie was initially furious, but the smooth talker found a way to completely turn the situation around and convince Maddie she was being unreasonable. By the end, Maddie was apologizing to him.

Of course, the ultimate ending to that relationship should come as a surprise to no one. He cheated on Maddie with a girl he met on Instagram, completely breaking Maddie’s heart. However, his infidelity really shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise to poor Maddie. If he didn’t have any respect for her property, why the hell would he have any respect for her?

It might be frustrating to hear men complain about so-called “clingy” women, when in reality these are just women who care about them and are making every effort possible to demonstrate their value and their love.

However, you don’t want to be one of these women, regardless of your earnest intentions. You don’t chase men, you let them come to you. If they show you a red flag, you don’t let your feelings for them trump your respect for yourself. It’s absolutely crucial that you stand your ground and never be the “clingy” woman.

Yes, You Can Be Irresistible

Cultivating these traits and becoming the type of woman who lives by these rules without trying takes time. If you have to fake it until you make it, do so. But if you commit to being the sort of independent, self-respecting and confident woman who lives by these rules, you’ll be amazed at both the amount and the caliber of men you attract.

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