Signs Of Emotional Attraction From a Man And How to Trigger It In 7 Steps

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There’s a big difference between emotional attraction and physical attraction. Emotional attraction is essential for a long-term relationship.

While physical traits may get the ball rolling, you won’t make a slam dunk.

For a relationship to move past the superficial beginning stages and into more deep connections, there must be an emotional bond.

So, what are the signs of emotional attraction from a man? And how do we create this connection? How do we take our relationships to the next level and build a strong foundation?

Today, we’re delving deep to answer these questions and more about creating emotional attraction from the male species.

Male Psychology: Emotional Triggers

According to Dr. Suzanne Lachman of Psychology Today, a man’s inclination toward emotional connection can be traced back to childhood experiences for some, while others are born with high emotional responsiveness.

Lachman believes that it’s essential to figure out your partner’s motivations, his emotional hot buttons, so you are better equipped to care for his emotional needs.

Jill P. Webber, PH. D, author of Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy—Why Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships, explains that contrary to popular belief, men and women are very similar in their thinking. Our brains are almost identical, and we share similar needs for accomplishment and intimacy.

However, our upbringing in society certainly has its differences.

From boyhood to manhood, men are taught to display the idea of what our culture deems as masculinity.

Men showing any degree of vulnerability may be chastised. Thus, men who conform to these rigid societal standards have learned how to suppress their emotions rather effectively.

How to connect with a man on an emotional level

As women, if we want to build deeper emotional connections with men, we must understand how the pressure to conform will present itself in our relationships.

It shouldn’t be difficult to comprehend since we have our own set of standards in which we are pressured to follow.

According to Webber, there are five truths we must understand about men before we can connect with them fully:

1. Men want women to like them for who they are inside.

Behind his manly façade, there is a person who has hopes, fears, and insecurities just like you.

He may be the ambitious take-charge kind of guy, but that’s not likely the core of his personality. You will need to dig deeper to discover who he really is and love the parts of him that he doesn’t readily put on display.

2. He wants you to be confident in yourself.

Dealing with an insecure partner can take its toll on anyone.

People who are not happy with themselves can unconsciously allow those negative emotions to sabotage their relationship.

Self-doubting mates have the tendency to become overly critical of their partners.

They place unrealistic expectations on their mates requiring them to be the sole source of their happiness.

This puts a lot of pressure on a man. He will never be able to succeed in this role, and he knows it. This leads to frustration on both sides.

So, before deciding to get emotionally attached in a relationship, work on yourself first. Make sure that you feel complete just as you are.

3. He wants to communicate.

There are stereotypes that say men aren’t effective communicators. But these are false narratives.

Men can be great communicators if given the chance. As women, we have an easier time at verbalizing our feelings, but that doesn’t mean we should dominate the conversation.

It’s important that we take time to listen to our mates.

If you want to trigger strong feelings of ATTRACTION and ADORATION in him, you have to know how to get on the same frequency.

You need to understand him on a deep emotional level. You need to understand, how the subtle things you do or say affect him much more than you might think.

When you know how to do this, you’ll be able to DEEPLY CONNECT with a man, and powerfully attract him.

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4. He enjoys it when you are playful.

The fact that men enjoy women who are playful is not a big surprise.

We often find it easy to be playful in the beginning of our relationships, but in the long term things can become more routine.

Our playful banter turns into monotonous conversation about work or the kids. It’s no doubt that women have a lot on their to-do-list. However, we need to remember to take time out to enjoy the moment.

Every minute with our guy has possibilities for new and exciting tidbits of connection. Don’t waste them on work gossip.

5. He gets vulnerable too.

Don’t be judgmental if your partner shows sadness or fear or any other emotion deemed to be an affront to his masculinity.

Give him the space to expose his true feelings in your presence. Be a comfort to him in his times of weakness.

We often think of our husbands and boyfriends as “our rock.” Yet, there are times when we will need to be that “rock” for them as well.

Men are feeling creatures, just like us. Their needs within a relationship are not very different from our own.

They desire to be appreciated for who they are and not what they can do for others. They crave a connection that goes beyond the superficial. They crave compassion, thoughtfulness, unconditional love, and positivity.

How To Get Him Emotionally Attached

Now that you understand the basics of how the male brain operates within a relationship (which again, is not unlike our own) you need to know what behaviors can help you facilitate a deep connection within your relationship.

These are everyday behaviors that will help shift your relationship from a romantic association to a deep and meaningful connection.

So – how to trigger emotional attraction in a man? We’ve identified 7 actionable steps you can take to help get him emotionally attached.

1. Show Him Some Respect

Your man wants to be the most important man in your life.

He wants to know that you possess a high regard for his opinions and abilities. While we are independent and strong women, we need to show our companions that we value them greatly.

A simple gesture like asking him for his opinion can go a long way. It shows that you think highly of him and value him above other men.

Respect his feelings by not interrupting him during your conversations. Make eye contact while the two of you are conversing. Don’t allow your cell phone to distract you from the moment the two of you are sharing.

And lastly, don’t be shy about sharing your feelings of admiration for him. These things will boost his ego and show him that you genuinely care for him.

2. Take Interest in His Life

If you want to build a relationship with anyone, you must show some general interest in their daily activities.

Get to know his goals and aspirations. Ask him where he stands on certain issues. Get to know his passions and hobbies and try to participate in them when you can. If he’s into sports, watch a game with him on occasion. Wear a t-shirt or baseball cap representing his favorite team to show solidarity.

Small gestures such as this one show your guy that you are invested in him and in his life.

3. Show Gratitude

As you begin building connections with your significant other, he will want to take care of you as a display of his affections toward you.

When a man goes out of his way to make kind remarks or do small romantic gestures, don’t be shy. A little gratitude goes a long way.

Make sure that your guy knows how much you appreciate him and his thoughtful deeds.

You don’t have to go out of your way to match his efforts or become physical if you’re not ready. But a big genuine smile and a great big hug followed by a thank you, is all that is really needed.

According to Relationship Coach and Author, Adam LoDolce, our brains are wired to enjoy giving more than receiving. He believes that when a man invests his time and resources into a person, that increases the bond he feels for her.

4. Have Fun With Him

Men enjoy women who can be spontaneous.

Don’t constantly wait for him to sweep you off your feet. Men like to be swept away too. Take him on an exciting day trip. Give him a new experience or present him with a thoughtful gift. These are all ways that will keep him guessing and wanting more of you in his life.

5. Be Present

When the two of you are together, enjoy the moment. Remain present.

Don’t begin ruminating over the past or obsessing over the future. Don’t turn the moment into a rundown of your daily chores or a venting session about your nagging boss. Instead, enjoy the present moment that you are sharing together.

It will help you to CONNECT with him deeper and to really understand each other.

Because if you want to become a constant source of excitement, interest, and pursuit for your man, you need to learn how to speak to him in a language, that touches a primal inner part of his mind.

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All this bonding is great, but it’s also essential to give a man his space. Men need time to themselves.

They need time to spend with their friends and families without you being present. And sometimes they just need time alone.

Overcrowding your suitor is a sure-fire way to make him jump ship.

No one wants to be held down by a clingy or emotionally needy partner. Allow him the space that he needs. Give him time to miss you and brag about you to his friends when you’re not around.

7. Physical Intimacy

There’s no secret that men enjoy physical pleasure. Most of us do.

Physical intimacy has the power to increase our emotional attraction to a person exponentially. This doesn’t necessarily mean sex either.

“Physical intimacy can be gentle touches, sweet random kisses, holding hands, sitting on his lap, or playing in his hair.”

This type of intimacy has the effect of boosting a man’s ego through the roof. Men, equally to women, enjoy being desired.

They want to know that you crave them as much as they crave you. So, don’t be afraid to initiate physical contact with your significant other. It will not only make him feel good about himself, but it will help him see you as a sensual lover.

How Will I Know When He’s Hooked?

You will know when your relationship has evolved from the superficial to the super special when his actions have transformed.

Words are often not reliable. True emotional connection can be revealed in his actions toward you.

Here are a few signs you can expect when he’s really into you:

  • He wants to be with you on a regular basis
  • He seeks out your opinion, and he respects your opinion.
  • Your conversations can be several hours long.
  • He shares personal tidbits about himself with you.
  • He tries to impress you.
  • He treats you with patience and kindness.
  • He seeks you out for comfort.
  • He introduces you to the important people in his life.
  • You can tell that he really listens to you.
  • He doesn’t seek you out primarily for sex.

These acts are signals that the two of you have created a special bond that will not be easily broken. You’ll find that you will want to reciprocate these actions towards him as well. The bond should be mutual after all.

It’s important that we don’t buy into the misconception that men and women are so vastly different in our perspectives of love and relationships.

We are more alike than different. We can draw on this one simple fact to help guide our behaviors.

Men have been under cultural pressure since birth to hide vulnerability. We need to reject those ideologies and embrace men for who they are and not what they are.

Just as we don’t want men to objectify us as sexual timid beings and discard our vast and complex layers. Men too have layers and that is what we desire to uncover to truly create meaningful passion.

The key here is UNDERSTANDING men on a deep EMOTIONAL level.

You need to understand, how the subtle things you do and say to a man affect him much more than you think.

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