Texting An Ex – How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Messages – 17 Tips

This type of text has a purpose. You are using something interesting, and positive to draw on the emotions of your ex.

You are not trying to set your ex on fire, or create any drama. Instead, your text will build rapport, and help you reconnect. You will need to be patient before you can establish attraction, romance, and finally love. Be careful with your texts, because they are crucial for your ultimate success.

If you become stuck or lost as to what you should text your ex, take some time and think. You know your ex, you know what they will, and will not find appealing.

The Three Rules of Successful Texting

By this point in time, you should be receiving positive texts from your ex. I recommend remembering three important rules when having a conversation with your ex if you intend to win them back. I have found following these rules will greatly increase you chance of success.

The First Rule of Texting

Make sure there is a delay between your texts. The idea is to appear nonchalant.

The best way to do this is with a delay between your texts. I recommend against immediate responses when you get a text from your ex. Wait a minimum of one hour. This is an excellent way to increase anticipation.

More importantly, you will be helping to eliminate any thoughts of neediness or desperation from the mind of your ex. If your no contact period has recently ended, do not send more than a few texts per day. The maximum number of texts I recommend is six or seven each day.

Your timing is incredibly important every time you send a text to your ex. You do not want to make any mistakes at this point. When you delay replying to a text, you are making certain your ex will not see you as clingy, needy or a loser.

The Second Rule of Texting

I recommend sending brief texts, including some basic and important principles. If your texts are lengthy, rambling or just plain huge, you are going to appear as desperate to receive the attention of your ex.

I recommend sending the shortest texts possible. You don’t need extra long messages to get your ex back. Do not be rude, or too short, or you will kill the conversation.

Talk about things you know are of interest to your ex. Make certain any questions you ask are completely honest.

The Third Rule of Texting

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