Did Your Ex Break Up With You? 25 Signs He Regrets Hurting You

***A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.*** ∼ Stendhal

Wondering If Your Ex is Missing You…

We understand exactly what it feels like to break up with your partner only to be left missing them.

You are probably wondering if your ex is sorry he dumped you. You may be wishing he wants you back. This may be more than a mere wish because your ex may want you back just as much as you want him.

Most guys feel remorse after a breakup.

Once they start thinking about you and the way it used to be, their behavior may start to change.

They may realize they made a mistake. There are signs your ex regrets dumping you. Some are obvious where others are more subtle. We have detailed the most common signs below.

1) The Lines of Communication Suddenly Open

You may suddenly receive a private message or text from your partner.

He may ask about your life, your friends or simply say hello. If he is acting as if nothing has happened, this is almost a clear sign he wants you back.

Your ex most likely believes enough time has passed where you will forgive him and be willing to get back together again.

2) Being Unfulfilled by Other Women

The sad reality is, most men do not treat their partners the way they deserve.

Once he is back in the dating world, he may begin to realize how well you treated him. Dating other women may not be fulfilling his needs because you are the one he really wants.

He will miss the special recipes you once made just for him, watching your favorite TV shows together or just spending time together.

Once this happens, he will find some way to casually contact you. If there is sincerity in his voice or his words, he regrets the breakup.

3) The Beauty of Nostalgia

Once your ex has left the protective cradle of your arms, there is a good chance he will start missing you.

If having a couple of beers with his friends is enough to trigger a sense of nostalgia, he will send you a text. This is a sign he has not been able to move on.

The time is right for reconciliation.

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4) The Inability to Date

If your ex has not started dating months after you have broken up, he may not be able to move on.

This may be because he believes in his heart that his future is with you.

If your ex wants to get back together again, there will be other signs as well. He may send you a text, call unexpectedly or send you flowers.

If he does any of these things, we know he is regretting losing you.

And what are some other signs he regrets breaking up with you?

5) The Genuine Apology

The clearest sign you will ever receive is a genuine apology. When your ex apologizes for hurting you it shows they are still concerned about your feelings.

He is taking the first step to show remorse for his actions. Watch his facial expressions when he looks into your eyes. If there is longing in his eyes, you have your answer.

6) Consistent Communication Despite the Passing of Time

If your ex is still calling you, texting you and finding reasons to see you months after your breakup, take notice.

If he is interested in what is happening in your life, is checking up on you, suggests meeting for a cup of coffee or a movie or makes excuses to see you, he misses you.

Just the fact he wants to see you is a good indication he has not moved forward with his life. The need to spend time with you means there is still a strong attachment there. He may be afraid to come right out and tell you he wants you back so he is trying to show you instead.

7) The Sudden Manifestation of Affection

When an ex suddenly becomes affectionate and thoughtful for no apparent reason, they are unable to stop thinking about you.

They are showing you they want to care for you and love you like they failed to do in your relationship. Your ex is attempting to show you what your relationship will be like if you give them another chance.

Those are quite obvious signs he regrets hurting you.

8) The Deep Hurt Caused by Cheating

We have seen a lot of relationships break up because a man cheated on his lady.

According to Quora, the majority of affairs do not last. The reasons he cheated on you are just as important as the affair itself. At this point, you may or may not want your ex back.

If you truly believe you understand the reasons he cheated and do not believe it will ever happen again, you have a lot of thinking to do.

Once his relationship with the woman has ended, he may come knocking on your door. You must decide if the relationship is worth another chance.

9) Turning Up in the Most Unexpected Places

You can only run into your ex so many times before it becomes much more than a coincidence.

Your ex may be asking your friends when you are going to the gym, dining at your favorite restaurant or spending some time at a club. He may be checking your social media to see which events you are planning on attending.

If you start seeing your ex in one too many places, he is trying to spend time with you any way he can. If he did not still have strong feelings for you, he would not be making this kind of effort.

If he had moved on, he would not be interested in spending time with you at all. He is telling you he wants you back in his life.

You just need to make sure it will be different this time.

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10) Making Amends for the Mistakes of the Past

If your ex knows how badly he hurt you and still has feelings for you, he may attempt to make amends.

He may be there to celebrate your victories with you, offer a shoulder to cry on when you are experiencing difficult times or show up at your door with a pizza when he knows you had a trying day.

This is his way of showing you how sorry he is that he was not there for you when you needed him the most during your relationship.

If this was the reason you broke up, you need to realize he has most likely learned from his mistakes. He is telling you he has become worthy of another chance.

11) There is Nothing Worse than a Jerk

If your ex treated you badly during your relationship, did not listen to you, acted irrationally or displayed unacceptable behavior, he may just have needed some time to grow up.

Sometimes a man changes when he loses the woman he loves. He will start to realize how he acted in the past and be ashamed of his behavior.

He may attempt to show you he has changed and understands how he behaved. You may receive a sweet card with a note written from his heart, an invitation to see your favorite band or a box of your favorite chocolates.

This is his way of telling you he knows he acted like a jerk, has changed and wants a chance to prove himself.

12) Talking About the Details of Your Relationship

Once a man has moved on, the last thing he wants to do is discuss his feelings or the reasons your relationship broke up.

If he was unable to let go of the past, he does not want to let you go. He may ask you out to dinner so you can talk, arrange a picnic in the park or ask you out for your favorite latte.

Your ex is trying to figure out if your relationship still has a chance. He will be interested in how you feel and what you are thinking. He will be willing to talk about everything he avoided in the past.

He is reaching out to you and waiting for your response.

13) Refusing to Accept the relationship has Ended

Your ex may act like nothing is wrong. He may refuse to accept the fact you ever broke up in the first place.

He may be letting you know he is aware of the mistakes he made but is still unable to give up. This is your chance to talk to him. Hopefully he will be open to what you have to say. You have a good chance of fixing your relationship.

14) The Jealousy Factor

If your ex appears jealous when he sees you with someone else, he probably is.

Sometimes a man does not realize what he had in a woman until he sees her enjoying herself with someone else.

He will find a way to let you know he disapproves of your new relationship. He will clearly speak his mind while presenting you with endless reasons why this man is wrong for you.

The truth is he has realized he wants you back. Jealousy is a powerful emotion.

He would not be feeling this way if he did not realize he made a big mistake. He is trying to show you the man you are with will not be able to make you as happy as you were when your relationship with him was strong.

15) Using Alcohol as a Crutch

Your ex may start getting drunk on a regular basis just to forget about you.

He will talk to his friends about the mistake he made and tell them he has been unable to move on. He is attempting to find peace inside of a bottle. You will receive drunk phone calls and texts or pleas from his friends to help him.

Maybe the only way he can cope is by getting drunk and reliving your time together. He will be drinking alone as opposed to trying to pick up another woman or spending time with his friends.

He is miserable without you and fantasizing about being together again. It might seem a great way of numbing the pain, but of course, it is not helping at all.

16) The Intentions of the Stalker

If your ex is hurting badly enough, he can turn into a stalker. He would do everything he possibly can to figure out where you are so he can show up unexpectedly.

Not only does he need to know you are all right but he also wants to be there if something bad should happen. You will see him over and over again in the most unexpected places.

Your ex may approach you and try to start a conversation or he may simply watch you from a distance. This is a clear signal that he is worried about you, desperately wants to see you and would do almost anything for another chance.

17) The Heart of His Social Media

Take a close look at what your ex is posting on social media. You may see sad sentiments, uplifting posts that fall short or hidden pleas.

If you see guilt in what he is posting, he is sorry about your breakup. He may be subconsciously reaching out to you in the hope you will figure out how he really feels about you.

18) The Power of Truth

If you are lucky, your ex may tell you outright that he made a mistake and wants to get back together again.

He may have realized his life was a lot better when you were a part of his world. He will most likely admit the mistakes he has made, be willing to work on your issues as a couple and show true remorse for his actions of the past.

19) The Perpetual Bachelor

If your relationship ended some time ago, look at his status. If he is not in a relationship, not going out on dates or spending a lot of time alone, there is a reason.

He may have discovered no other woman could make him feel the way you did or still want you so badly he is unable to look at another woman.

He may be contacting you in some small way such as a text or a card for your birthday. If you want to give your relationship another chance, you are going to have to be the one who reaches out.

You will probably find him receptive if you ask him to meet you somewhere.

20) Changing Habits of the Past

No man or woman is perfect. Everyone has habits that can rub someone the wrong way.

He may have told you he is who he is and this is something you need to accept. Once you have broken up, you may notice he has changed many of these annoying habits on his own. He is taking action to change what you did not like about him.

The people in his life will notice he is making all or most of the changes you once suggested. This is not selfishness on his part, it is an attempt at redemption. He is showing you he can and will change because your are worth it and he wants you back.

21) Hiding in the Shadows

Even when he is not alone, he may appear lonely.

He will not interact with his friends and spends a lot of time alone. He is discovering he is unable to survive without you in his life. Everything will make him think about you such as the smell of your favorite flower or a movie you watched together.

He will see you everywhere he goes. You are the only one who can fill the loneliness in his soul.

He will contact you to help appease the ache in his heart. He will be willing to spend time with you anywhere and at any time because the only way he feels whole is when he is with you.

22) Forcing You to Miss Him

He will do everything in his power to force you to miss him just as much as he misses you.

He may post joyous pictures of you together when you were a couple on social media, write you a poem about all of the things you experienced together or even send long, heartfelt letters to your email.

He is regretting letting you go.

23) The Grandest of Gestures

Your ex may try to impress you with the grandest of all gestures. He may serenade you with romantic songs beneath your window, have something amazing written against the sky or make a profession of deepest love.

This is his attempt to regain both your attention and your love.

24) The Need to Touch

Your ex may try to touch you at every possible opportunity.

He may hold your hand, run his fingers across your cheek or place a possessive hand on your knee. All of these gestures provide him with the connection he needs.

He wants to feel close to you and know your connection is still there. He is trying to tell you he still needs you.

25) The Neverending Need for Advice

Your ex may suddenly need to have your opinion on even the most mundane subjects.

Not only is he providing you with power over your relationship but he is also letting you know he needs you to function properly. He is trying to stop you from turning your back on him.

He may not even be aware of what he is doing. This is just the only way he believes he is able to keep you close. If you want him back, this is your golden opportunity.

The Bottom Line

If your ex really misses you and wants to give your relationship another try, he will find so many different ways to communicate his thoughts and needs.

You have to look at what he is saying and doing clearly to be certain of his intentions. If you were happy together in the past, there is always a possibility of rekindling the old flame.

All the potential situations described above are just a small sampling of what your ex may do.

The bottom line is you know your ex so you should be able to figure out if he is being sincere, attempting to manipulate you or just playing games.

And above all, you want to make sure IT WILL BE DIFFERENT THIS TIME.

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