How Do Various Types of Guys React to No-Contact Period

Types of boyfriends based on their reactions to a no contact period applied by their ex girlfriends.

Everything has a type and so does this category. Boys come in all shapes and sizes, but the tough part is when you have so many types, and you gotta select one Mr. Perfect for your late night coffee dates. So if you are single, then this list will give on an idea to go for whom among them. And if you have your love baby, then it will be fun to know whom all you have missed.

No – Contact rule is a dreaded, horrible, bad, no good period of time and I don’t know anyone who would enjoy this era of intentional solitude. But, apparently, it works. And various people have various reactions. Read on, dear reader!

The clingy one:

They are sweet like the sugar candy but with a little more added sugar. They love expressing their hearts out and do not give you space to breathe in. He can be a bit irritating at times because of their constant lovee dove texts… But if you like to be stuck and get 1005 attention, then you can surely pick this type of boyfriend.

The locker:

The name is exactly what happens when you have this type of boyfriend, his level of possessiveness is sometimes robust to handle. He can be tough to manage when you are about to tell him something which he does not like. He has a nature of


The chatterbox:

He can not stay quiet for a second, he has a lot of energy pumped in him, and he like being over excited and talk about everything. It’s fun to be with thisperson as you never be bored. They have some much talk and tell about everyday.

The king of bed:

Beit your birthday, your date or your casual meet, he always has sex in the head. It is fun to have this time of boyfriend only if you like the best on the bed. He is romantic and still plans to make out whenever [possible. This is the only way he knows to express his heart to you.

The twin:

Heis your exactly alike person, he is your best friend more than your boyfriend. You both share a unique bond and can act as weird as you can with each other. You share your heart out to this type of boyfriend.

The emotional breaker:

Give him a reason, and he will drop his tears out. He is like the real baby that you are getting before having your own child. He is an emotional person and always needs you to tap his back. He can be your choice if you have the guts to bare his tears.

The boss of tantrums:

Uffhe is the one that you just have your attention on always he has his own way of things and if its just 0.5 different then the drama begins. He is Mr perfect, and you only can be with him if you are not the messy jar.

These are some type of unique people that God has sent as an option for all the beautiful ladies. Every human is beautiful in its own way, and it’s us who has to decide with whom we plan to spend our time with. However, sometimes we can not be sure who are we dealing with until we go through some kind of difficulties. If you want to learn more on the subject of no contact rule, read this article

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