How to Get your Ex-Girlfriend Back When She Has a New Boyfriend

The next THREE STEPS are more about you than her. What are some of the personal steps you need to make to have the best possible chance to win your ex-girlfriend back from the other guy?


The most attractive trait a guy can have is confidence. Do you know that girls rate confidence as the most attractive trait in a guy?  People aren’t usually born with this trait, it can be learned.

Physical Attractiveness

This is subjective and may feel a little intimidating.

Your Ex loved you before, maybe even despite your faults. During your relationship, did you let your appearance go?   Do you have photos of you and your Ex as a couple when you first became involved, and have you changed?

Physical attraction is not only what you really look like from the outside, but can also be your own inner view of yourself. Are you now your best version of good health and vitality?

Going through a breakup can make anyone feel unattractive and unlovable. There is a 2018 movie, I Feel Pretty, and even though you are most likely a guy if you’re reading this post, I’ll bet you can relate to this tale about a young woman who gets a knock on the head that causes her to believe that she has changed, and that now, everyone sees her as pretty. What an effect it can have on your confidence to see yourself differently! This movie might give you some insight on how a person can change for the better by genuinely believing that other people find them attractive.

Emotional Intelligence

In addition to working on your confidence and physical attractiveness, you’ll also want to up your emotional intelligence.  According to many experts, emotional intelligence, or EQ, is broken down into 5 categories, which are:





Social skills

All of these traits are about emotional maturity. It isn’t easy to be self-aware and to be able to show self-control when your emotions are running high.

But if you have been aware and working on self-control since your break-up, you can be confident that your Ex appreciates it, and that it will be one of the most attractive things she will notice about you post-breakup.

Is My Ex Girlfriend in a Rebound Relationship?

You accepted this Mission Possible because you already know that your Ex is dating a new guy. However, you might not know for sure if she is actually in a rebound relationship or if this new guy could be a permanent fixture. Check out our blog on rebound relationships for more insight on this phenomenon.

Reconnecting with an Ex when She Still Has a Boyfriend

Finally, it is time to reconnect with your Ex to see if all the hard work you have done till now has paid off. Your Mission Possible will soon be complete. You don’t want to mess it up now, so you want to review your plan to make sure that you don’t scare your Ex away.

Try not to come across as needy and desperate. Your Ex is still with the new guy, so make it slow and steady when you finally are able to reconnect.

How great it feels for her to finally have that “guy friend” back in her life without the relationship drama that was there before! So, if you can be that kind of friend at this point, there is a chance that she could open up to you in the future. Even better, if you have been dating others during your split, she might feel that your friendship is genuine and that you are serious about your newly platonic connection.

Proceed with caution though!

Too many people fall for the “let’s be friends” trap because it’s such a tempting idea (you have heard of the friend zone, right? It’s a terrible place to be).

Remember – love is a friendship WITH flame, not just a friendship (it could actually ruin your chances of winning your ex back!)

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What to Text Your Ex After the No-contact Period is over

Some of the first questions you may consider posing to your Ex are:

Is there any way you could see dating me again?  The answer to this question is going to give you the green, yellow or red flag of what the future might hold.

What is your fondest memory of us when we were dating?

Have you missed me, and if so or if not, why?

Is there one thing you would have wished I had done during the relationship that might have prevented us from splitting up?

How to Make your Ex Want You Back (…and Dump the New Guy!)

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