How to Make Him Miss You And Want You Back – 20 Tips to Follow

***Nobody can hurt me without my permission*** ∼ Mahatma Gandhi

The end of a relationship can feel like the end of the world. No matter if you ended it, and then realized he’s the one that got away, or if he ended it, and you want to make him pay, a break up is hard.

The good news is that you can make him miss you and you can make him commit. He might not know it now, but he’s missing out on something amazing in life. So, how to make him miss you and want you back?

Does Silence Make Him Miss You?

Most people think contacting him all day and night will somehow win his affection. It’s a huge, common mistake to make. If you seem clingy at all after a break up, he’s probably running for the door.

If you’re blowing up his phone with texts and calls, he’s probably rolling his eyes. This is because you aren’t giving him any room to miss you. You’re always there so he has no clue what he’s missing. Give him a reason to miss you.

When you’re not in his face all of the time, he starts to wonder where you went. You start to be bounced around in his mind.

You must give him the opportunity to miss you.

It’ll be hard because you’ll wonder if he even cares. You’ll wonder if it’s the “out of sight, out of mind” type of relationship. The only way you know is to give him the silent treatment. The odds are he will feel he cannot access you all of the time, and he’ll start to miss you. You’ll force him to make that first move.

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How Can I Make Him Miss Me Badly?

So many women are too afraid to tell a man they want them to go out and enjoy themselves. They freak out thinking he’s going to find some perfect woman and run away with her. By pushing him to go out and have fun with friends, you’re actually performing a powerful psychological tactic that’ll make him yearn for you. This means you have to step up your confidence game. But how? What’s the How do I make him miss me psychology?

You probably fear he’s single and ready to mingle. The thing you have to remember is that you’re better than all those other girls at the bar. He’s lucky to have you. When you ask how his nights with friends have been, you’re really doing more. You’re really telling him that you know he’s been out, and you’re cool with it.

He suddenly realizes he’s experiencing freedom, and you’re not jealous. This makes him wonder why you’re not jealous. It then drives him crazy because he wants you to be just a little worried that he’s up to no good. Of course, you’re worried, but he doesn’t need to figure that out.

How Do I Make Him Realize I’m His Person?

This guy can’t live a good life without you. You’re special. You know it, but does he? Make him realize that you’re his person. You’re the one that listens to his crazy ideas. You’re the one that knows exactly how he likes his bacon.

Most men don’t like to admit that they want someone that listens to their every word. You’re his best friend. he needs to realize that without you, he’s lost. He’ll start to realize that you do so much for him. He always took it for granted. Your connection is much deeper than your Netflix shows you watch together. Your connection wasn’t just about music or books. In the toughest times, he’s had you.

Do Memories Hold Power?

Memories could hold the key to his heart. Spending time together, going through special times and working through hard things builds a relationship. These times are something that becomes something no one can forget.

You’ve made a million memories so it’s time to capitalize on that. You can drop lines to him about special things you did together or send him something special that you randomly shared. This could be his favorite cookies or dropping him a line about a special amusement park ride you rode together. These things are embedded in his memory. They’ll make him remember the good times.

Do I Need To Put Him First?

One of the biggest things to learn in a break up is that you’re okay alone. You don’t need anyone. It’s a time to look at yourself and put that person first.

You do want him back, but you don’t need him to live.

Take time to work on the parts of yourself that weren’t working in your relationship. If there were things that upset him, work on those things. Don’t ever change who you are as a person, but work to highlight the best parts of yourself.

Will My Physical Appearance Get Him Back?

Many women swear by the revenge body. This means they get in their best shape possible to show him there’s no one hotter out there. While it’s bad to go on a crash diet or go through lots of plastic surgery for him, it’s totally cool to workout and eat healthy. This also helps get your mind off the break up. You get fit and tone, he sees you and misses that body.

How To Make Him Miss You Through Text?

There’s no magical text that is going to win him back. Well…ummm…maybe except for this text.

The best thing to do when texting an ex is to leave him hanging a little bit. Show him you aren’t a slave to your phone. It’s also a secret to text at night. When you do this, you’re on his mind. That means he’ll dream about you. This has to make him miss you.

Texts are tough though because you often lose connotation. Make sure you’re direct with your points via text. Don’t say things that could be taken out of context. Leave the real talk for in person. Check out our page How to make him miss you through text for in-depth guidance.

What If I Seem Immature?

Some of the tactics to get him back will probably make you seem immature. They’re cliche and strange, but they work. You’ll find yourself rolling your eyes at the things you do. Making him miss you by posting pictures of yourself having a blast, writing blogs publicly about your happiness and showing off online might be a little immature. The truth is that it doesn’t matter.

If you’re willing to pull out all of the stops to get him back, it’s totally okay. You can turn back the dial and be a teenager again, as long as you do it in a discreet way. Don’t overdo it and your immaturity just may pay off.

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Should I Act Like I Don’t Care?

Move forward like you don’t care. Change your relationship status, delete old photos and share status updates like you’re on top of the world.

You don’t have to unfriend him. You just need to show him that you don’t care if he comes back. This shows him that you’re not sitting home crying over him. You may truly be crying over him, but he doesn’t need to know that. Show him your strength in moving on. He’ll start to wonder if being away from you is worth the pain.

Again, don’t overdo it. If you do, people will see right through it.

Should I Be His Friend?

No, not if you want him back.

Friendship is complicated though. You’ll never exactly be in the “friend zone”. There’s so much pain and history in a relationship. You can make him miss you by slowly being cordial again. You’ll know when the time is right.

Don’t confess your undying love for him while trying to be friends. Stay calm and remain friendly. He’ll realize you’re okay in this new chapter. This will probably slowly turn into going for coffee or a drink. This leads to him missing you and wanting you back.

How Do I Make Him Jealous?

It’s always fun to make him a little jealous. Show him you’re having the time of your life without him.

Post a lot of fun photos out with friends. You can even pose with some new hotties to show him that you’re on the prowl. It’s immature, yes, but it could work wonders. It’s an old school way to lure him back in. He’ll see that your life seems fabulous with him. He probably won’t like that. He wants you home sulking watching movies in your pajamas.

How Do I Refrain From Being Jealous?

Don’t act envious about his new chapter. He may try to pull all sorts of tricks to show you he’s moving on. Don’t believe him. You’re still in his heart. Try to act happy for him no matter what. Stay calm. Remember you both started a new chapter. If you act jealous, he’ll think he’s winning. The best thing to remember is that no one can compete with your relationship history.

Should I Keep His Things?

You don’t need his toothbrush and old t-shirts cluttering up your life. You might want to smell those t-shirts, but it’s important to clear out his stuff. Take it to him. Make sure to include some photos of the two of you together. This makes him think of the good times. Spray some of your perfume on some things so he will smell you. Bring back those emotional memories. This shows you’re moving on without him or his stuff. He’ll feel like he’s losing you.

How Do I Stay Busy Not Thinking Of Him?

You won’t have time to worry about him if you stay busy. Get new interests and hobbies. Show him that you’re having a great time doing new things. Take up yoga, go for hikes, learn to sew, or take some cooking classes.

This shows him that you’re moving on with your life. This means you don’t exactly need him to do fun things. He’ll be sorry that he’s not enjoying these things with you.

How Can I Be Cool and Independent?

Every guy has a certain type. They all have something in their mind that is the perfect girl to them. You know what it is to your man. One thing that will stand out to all men is the independent woman.

Most men don’t want the boring 1950s wife. They want the cool, independent chick that is able to stand on her own two feet.

It’s good to stroke their ego every now and then by asking them to open a jar for you, but overall, show them that you can make it on your own. You don’t need them. The way to lure them in is that you want them, not need them.

Make him realize that you’re “cool.” You don’t have to be the dramatic girl. You don’t have to be a damsel in distress. You’re independent. You’re happy with who you are.

Don’t Let Him Use You

Even though you want him back, don’t let him use you. If he tries to take advantage of you, pull away.

You might feel the need to do everything in your power to get him back. This could mean the 2 AM booty calls and doing his laundry the next day. He’s using you. Don’t stoop to a lower level just because you want him back.

You want to make him want you back. This means you don’t fall for his every beck and call. When he calls for that booty call, tell him it isn’t a good idea. This way the ball is in your court. He realizes that he has to respect you, and this makes him want you more.

How Do I Know How Many Texts To Send?

As we stated before, connotation can be lost in texts. It’s important to know exactly what you want to say through texts before you hit that send button. Text bombing is totally against the rules when you want him to miss you.

This means you send a million texts waiting for him to respond. Remember he may be busy. He might not be ignoring you. If he goes to check his phone, and there’s 20 messages from you yelling wondering why he hasn’t responded, he won’t be happy.

Stand up and be confident in your messages. Get busy with other things so you don’t feel tempted to text him. Learn exactly what to text him. Wait it out, and he will come running back with a response.

How Can You Not Sweat The Small Stuff?

It’s so easy to stress yourself out over the small stuff. There’s some things you have to put aside.

Most guys don’t like drama. They roll their eyes when you freak out over the smallest things. If he calls you a few minutes late, it’s okay.

If he says “hi” to another woman, he’s not going to marry her.

There’s a fine line between being too demanding and too passive. You need to show him that you’re confident. You want him to miss you, but you don’t want him to miss the nagging part of you.

Should I Create Mystery?

Men are usually a bit mysterious. Women usually tell way too much.

You can fall off the grid a little bit to make him miss you. He’ll wonder what happened to you. He’ll be annoyed that he hasn’t heard from you. He’ll search for you on social media trying to figure out what you’re doing with him.

Take a break from it all. Step away for a little bit to make him wonder. Men lose interest sometimes when they know too much about you. Keep him wanting more.

How Do I Not Give a Darn?

The secret to getting this guy back is don’t chase him. Try not to think about when he’s going to contact you again.

Make it a point to chill out. This is the art of getting him back. If you forget about him, you show that you aren’t knocking down his door to get in again. Never tell him that you miss him. Never tell him you’re afraid he’s slipping away forever. You don’t want him to stop contacting you. You want to put the ball in his court.

How Do I Walk A Fine Line?

There’s a line between pushing and pulling in every relationship. Pushing means you call, text, control, and plan everything. Pulling means you listen, surrender, receive, and be in the moment.

You might want to punish him because he left. You’re angry so you want to “show him.” This means you really just waited on him to come. Don’t show him this side. The most powerful thing you can do is remain receptive and open to him. He’ll make the move to come back. Once he does this, let him in, but be careful. You want him to feel bad for leaving you. You want him to remember he has a safe place right there with you. Anywhere else is just wrong for him.

Will I Seem Crazy?

Be a lady, hide your crazy. Don’t go crazy on him.

Stay focused and calm when trying to lure him back. He’ll run if he sees that you’re on the way to the loony bin. Let him come back on his own.

You can play mind tricks and games, but never let him see that you’re on the edge of losing your mind. He will come back in his own time.

You can do everything by the book, but always remain stable when doing so. Remember that you’re the most important part of this relationship. You do want him back, but you don’t need him.

Making a man miss you and want you back can be done if you follow your heart. Make sure you want him back because breakups happen for a reason. Make sure he’s worth it. You know you’re the best person in the world, so now it’s time to show him there’s no one out there better than you for him.

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