Girls sometimes ignore their partners after losing their virginity. Why?

8 Thought girls have after losing their virginity!

Sex is an incredible feeling for sure and like every other thing first-time sex is always particular and the most memorable of all. So if you have recently just lost your virginity then you are gonna connect to it really close. So let’s know what thoughts a girl has when she has her first make out. Sex is defined as an art that happens with passion and love. But sometimes girls tend to ignore their boyfriends after the first sex. Why do they do it? How do they feel? And what are they thinking of?

  1. Oh! I finally had it:

This is always what she thinks about, having sex for the first time results in a lot of thoughts in a girl’s head. She is going to think about it the whole night.  Is there any mark on my body? Will anyone know about it? Oh Pls, why am I blushing so much?


  1. Do I still have his smell?

Sex involves a lot of body sync, and we do smell of each other for a while. So the girl always has thought if she smells like him or not since it takes time for the smell to go.


  1. Does he also miss me as I do?

You are missing him and his body so much you constantly think whether he also misses you or not. Sometimes it happens you become more focused on what he feels about you after sex.


  1. has my vagina overexpanded?

You know sex involves a lot of physical activity, and it does change your sexual part a bit. So as it’s your first time you are over scared and thought of it is still fresh and thoughts about it are still in your head.


  1. Did I look good on the bed?

She is thinking this for sure, but trust me it doesn’t matter because your man has loved you so much, and he does not care about those blackheads or marks. He was busy exploring the intimacy with you.


  1. What if I get pregnant?

This is a constant thought in a girl’s mind because she is still not aware of it and it has already happened, so she inevitably scrolls through the internet finding the symptoms which can help her worries go away.


  1. Aww, when will we be one again?

The thought of your first sex is making you go crazy, and you just want to live in that moment again. You are always thinking about having it still and it just never goes off your mind


  1. Is my body changed?

When you were a kid, you definitely had conversations with your friends that sex alters hormones, and your body does adjust to it. You think if your breast size is gonna increase? Or is your face glowing? Omg just stop overthinking and enjoy the moment.



These are constant things that show up in a girl’s mind after she just lost her virginity, She is on the top of the world.  So she wants to think about it again and again and enjoy the beautiful phase of things happening around her. There something new to think about. Sex is a refining phase of a relationship, and it is nothing to be conscious about. And if you ever wondered why she ignores you after the first sex, now you know. And girls might want to know what to do when your boyfriend ignores you.