How to ask a guy out for a date and have him come back to you!


You are in the final year of your college; you like a guy and wish to date him. Or you already had a boyfriend but now he went cold and you want him back. What will you do? “Wait for him”. Then, honey, it is going to get late or maybe you lose him. If you like someone why don’t you go straight and make your first move? Maybe this person lands up being your soul mate. Please, the time is passed when you keep waiting for the guy, and its love its mutual so make your move dear.

How can you make your first move?

Eye contact:

Eyes have their own charm and your eye contact can bring that spark in your love life and also show your crush that you are a confident girl. Men generally like girls, who are confident and brave. So this can be your add-on for sure.

  • Look at him; let the moment flow for a minute
  • Now smile and end the look.
  • This will create a thing in his mind.

Will your eye contact be enough to let him come back to you? Probably not, so bear with me dear.


Social media:

Now it’s the next move, add him on Facebook, Instagram, and all the other sites you use. Once you’ll are connected on social media, you can send him a casual “HI” and wait for him to text you back. See, social media can really create your love story because here you both can talk for day long, just make sure to not to been seen as desperate. It can create distance between you two. Neediness is a number one attraction killer so keep this in your beautiful mind.


Now when already you both have something started cooking it is the time you start talking in person. I know its really tough to talk to the person you like or have a crush on. But honey you have to gain the confidence and Speak with him, knowing the person is essential and else, how will they know you are interested in them?



A little combination of flirty touch to get your boyfriend back:


Try to have the little touches, move close to him. A little closeness in you both can create magic around. And maybe he makes the next move. Let him get crazy over your how he feels about you.


Ask him out:

Now enough of all this honey, let’s get on point. Propose him but the right way. Because it’s necessary and this is what you have been preparing for. Either this night will turn the night of joy or the night of tears. So make your this day a special day.

Will he return to you after a breakup? Try these and maybe it will workout and introduce you to your new love life. But honey if it doesn’t work then it’s not your fault and don’t be disheartened as he is not the only guy in the world.