First Date After The 30 Day No Contact Period

Make your first date interesting: Stuff to talk about on your first date after the no contact period

You just decided to have your first date with him you are nervous? Don’t worry. First dates are like those exams which pop out so badly and you don’t even know what to write down on paper. Especially the first one after the no contact period. So what have you planned has he decided the place? What are you going to wear and all the other major things might have been sorted.  Now the major thing you are worried about is,what can you ask him on the first date? So let me help you these top question that you should know about him before taking further your bond.

  1. The things you both like and dislike?

Now, this might seem to look to the obese question, but you must know that what he likes and dislikes. Because this will make you sure about your choices and differences.  Ask him casually he likes and carry the conversation forward with it.

  1. What are your career plans:

Talk about what he is planning to do and what are his aims this will introduce you to his thought process and ideas about life and where does he see himself in the future.

It might be a casual date but if you are meeting him,Why not just talk about it?

  1. What does he see in your ideal girl?

This question will let you know what he feels about girls, is he a narrow-minded or an open-minded as a person, and are you ready to become his ideal girl or he is just not worth the effort. This is really important to know because it will make you realise his views.

  1. Hobbies and daily routines?

So what are your hobbies and daily routines? This will help you understand what he does in free time,is he productive and what you will have to tackle if you go along with the flow.

  1. Talk about your families.

Show your interest to him. Show him that you are willing to know about his personal life and this might take your conversation to a better level. Get to know about his Family and what do they do. Also, try to be a good listener when he does so.

6.What type of Music/Movies and genres they are into.

Ask them what type of music/movies do they listen to, Knowing someone’s music taste tells us a lot about personality and voila! it will be amazing if you both have the same taste and you might hit it off as well because we automatically like the person if they have same music/movie taste as us.

These are some questions that can make your first date emotionally intimate. I am sure after this date you will be at least able to understand this person you are meeting and use this knowledge to figure out if you want to be with him or not, whether he is your coffee partner or not, whatever you are planning just make sure you are not planning to go on a date which is unsafe, Always get to know a little about that person first. And if you want to learn more, read our article on the 30 day no contact rule, it’s quite interesting subject, especially from the perspective of human psychology. Cheers.

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