Is Your Boyfriend Ignoring You?

 Is He Ignoring You?

paying no attention to him

Here are 7 Tips to Turn him on and make him crave for you!

Turning your boy on is easy for some, but for others, it’s like a final test, especially if you feel like he sort of ignores you. So if you are not sure about how to turn your man on then let me give you some tipis Because tips can make your boring sex life sexier and love can be all around your room and hearts.

1. Play with his hair:
The scalp is the most sensitive part so if you want to get close to your man then play with his hairs try moving your hand slowly around his head, keep your circulation slow as this is going to drive him crazy for sure. Which will make him feel like cuddling with you.


2. Eye contact:
Men like confident females, and if you look straight in his eyes and talk, he will be charmed by how confident you are. Your intimacy can start right from your eyes, and you can make the moment shine in the room. Maybe it can flow towards a deep smooch.


3. A sexy outfit:
A dress can play a significant role in your date time, so try picking a sexy pair of clothing which can let you flaunt your curves. Let your dress talk about your mood and have a happening night. I promise he will not ignore you after he sees you.


4. Little body touch:
Touch your partner slowly and don’t get too sticky, Make him wait for the climax as much as possible, move your fingers slowly and lightly on his body. Just try to make him hungry for you. Girl, you have the power to make the moment on fire.


5. Showing off cleavage a little:
When you have the weapon yourself then why do you need other things? Just unbutton your top button and let him have a peep in the treasure you have inside. Your this little thing will make him crave for you more.


6. A close dance:
Intimacy can be a game changer, and intimacy only comes when you and partner are close to feeling the breath of each other. So the best way to turn him on can be a groove. Make him have an intimate dance so that the dance turns to end over the bed.


7. Bite your lips:
Do you remember Mr grey? How he used to get on when his girlfriend bit her lips with the twist of teeth? Why don’t you try this with your partner, Bite your lips in front of him and let him crave to eat you? Who said lovemaking is all about love sometimes it’s the want of passion.


So these are some sexy tips for you to make your bedroom life hotter and raise the temperature. You might also be interested in learning how to react when your boyfriend pays no attention to you.

Every case is different, but maybe one of these can be your lucky one. Turning a man on is your thing but using the right way is always needed. So use them, experiment and have all the fun you need because lovemaking is the art of passion where tricks and turn happen with every change of season, Experimenting is the key and girl you should keep on experimenting till you find the right thing which makes him crave for you.