How to keep her in love with you

How To Keep A Woman In Love With You


How do you keep a woman in a relationship? Do you sell yourself short? Is she the stronger one? The alpha?

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Do not be a nice guy

Perhaps you belong to a group of men called nice guys. You are very nice to your partner, do whatever you see in her eyes. You try to get out of work in a timely manner, pick up your wife at work so as she does not have to bother and walk across the city, you go shopping, go to a supermarket, help her choose clothes, pay for it, carry her bags, take care of a cultural program to prevent her from getting bored, you buy her presents to enjoy, you bring flowers for every anniversary she has, etc. You’re just a guy that every woman could want, but that’s just the problem! Even though you know exactly how you should behave according to smart handbooks, you follow all the wise advice, women are not satisfied and after a while, they will run away from this relationship. Why is that so?


A woman should not be too sure of you

Women need not only the above described, but also the feeling that they live with a real man. Most of these relationships end because women feel more like they are spending time with their brother or a good friend. Even women need a certain amount of excitement and uncertainty in their relationship. You need to give them the impression that they have to fight for you. If you do not turn around for any other skirt, you do not give the woman the only opportunity to be at least a bit jealous of you, believe that it will not do it yourself and that it will continue to live with the feeling of having you certain. There is no reason why you have to try to keep your love. Try changing it. Surround yourself with some friends you keep in touch with. Maybe you don’t believe it, but it is good for your partner to know that other women are circling around you. Maybe it will make you feel like she should not be so sure of you. On one hand, her jealousy needs to be a little damp, and on the other it gives her the feeling that she’s the one you chose as your life partner.

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Indulge your mutual freedom

Similarly, think about spending your free time with your beloved. You don’t have to be together all the time. And if you are, it has to be changed too. On weekends, trips, culture or dinner, do not forget to spend some time just you two together. But try to include some hobbies in your program that have fun in it and include also  other people. Check out with friends for hockey or soccer, go for a sport, ride a bicycle, or go for a drink with your friends. Not only will it benefit you personally, but at the same time put your partner a little uncertain. You will see that she will be interested in you and ask you where you are going or when you will return. Allow your partner to enjoy her hobbies, whatever you think of them. Do not limit yourself to each other, do not spend all the free time together. Do not be addicted. Dependency can completely destroy the partnership.


Do not be stingy or overly generous

And how about the gifts and surprises you are constantly buying for your wife? Do it on. Plan a holiday, birthday or even an anniversary gift with a bouquet. But do not tell your wife that she will get it from you whenever she shows up. You are not just a donkey that shakes every time your partner wants something. Certain pampering of a woman is definitely ok, but nothing should be exaggerated.

What more to do for a great healthy relationship?

Well, then there are of course things that need to be respected in every relationship. Communicate with her, listen, try to avoid boredom, do not take anything for granted. If you do all of this, your chances to have a great relationship are truly high. And if you happen to have a small crisis, you can always learn how to win your love back.