Secret Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Still Loves You

***What hurts us is what heals us*** ∼ Paolo Coelho

Relationships are tough even when they’re working pretty well, but when you go through a break-up, your emotional stability is out of control.

If your girlfriend recently broke up with you, there’s no doubt you’re riding a crazy emotional rollercoaster. You can count on the fact that she is feeling the same way – whether she lets you see that or not.

Emotions swirl, rumble, and rise to the surface causing you both to do crazy things you wouldn’t normally do. Interpreting these strange behaviors can be very tricky.

Awareness of this is the key to keeping you sane.

It’s important to know what signs you might see in her behavior as you navigate the very tough period: the post-break-up. This will help you a great deal if your goal is to get back together with her.

Let’s take a look at some of these behaviors and discuss what they might mean so you can understand her more clearly.

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A Secret Sign Your Ex Misses You — Does She Maintain Contact?

If your girlfriend recently broke up with you, but she is still calling, texting, or finding reasons to stop by, you can be sure she is missing you.

Her brain is telling her she shouldn’t be contacting you, but her heart is saying something very different. She is reaching out to you because she misses you and doesn’t want to let go of the bond you share.

You heard that right – this is the no-contact-period and it’s the best chance you have to re-ignite your relationship.

Give her space to reflect, and take a minimum of 30 days to prove to yourself that you can survive without her and see with more clarity what went wrong and how to fix it.

This time away from each other helps you both get into a better head-space and figure out what needs to change in both of you so you can do things differently the next time around.

Your silence will make your Ex wonder what’s happening with you, and whether or not you’ve moved on. This time apart will actually make her miss you even more.

My Ex Keeps Calling Me – Does She Say She Wants to Remain Friends?

Be very careful if your Ex says she wants to be friends with you.

But you can take it as a positive sign that she is missing you and isn’t ready to let you go. Remember that your deep romantic feelings evolved over time; she can’t let go of such intense feelings overnight. But there are definitely tricky parts to this idea.

The most common advice about staying friends with an Ex – especially if you are hoping for a reconciliation with her – is never commit to staying friends.

It’s just too messy and complicated with emotions running so high. The no-contact-period is so important to follow through with shortly after a break-up, and will greatly improve your chances of getting back together romantically.

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A Subtle Sign Your Ex Cares – Is She Still Angry and Upset?

Was your Ex angry and upset when she broke up with you, and still is after several weeks? The fact that she’s continuing to show a lot of emotion is a very good sign that she still cares about you and your relationship.

If she didn’t care about you, she would be indifferent and move on more easily.

The fact that she’s still so emotional means she’s hurt because she still cares about you. Even if she’s yelling at you – you can rest assured her intense emotions are showing you that she still cares.

She had expectations about the relationship that weren’t fulfilled, so she is deeply upset. She’s hoping to get you to feel something as well – like longing and remorse – but she has her pride to consider, so she cannot plead with you.

When emotions run high, you can take it as a great sign that there’s still hope for the two of you.

A Strong Sign Your Ex Regrets Dumping You – Does She Still Want to Hook up?

Some things are harder to quit than others.

If you and your Ex had a great physical relationship, it’s easy to miss those feelings after a break-up.

It can be very comforting to bring that bit of security and familiarity back between you through physical closeness. It feels particularly good to a woman who is questioning whether or not she made the right decision by ending your relationship.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you should let it happen. In fact, it’s usually a bad idea – especially if you want to get her back and try again.

Fortunately, it’s a good sign if you’re wondering if she still cares about you and regrets her decision.

Remember, if she was only interested in a booty call, she could probably find an uncomplicated alternative. The fact that she wants to hook up with you means more.

A Sign She Wants You Back But Is Scared – Is She Emotional And Nostalgic?

Longing is a common feeling for lovers who are separated. The more longing she feels, the more scared she may become.

She could be scared of losing you forever, or she may be scared that the two of you just won’t be able to ever make it – given the differences and problems that built up between you. Either way, it’s certain she’s confused and struggling with her emotions.

If your Ex often gets nostalgic and brings up happy memories of experiences you had together, it’s a strong signal that she’s actively and regularly thinking about her time with you.

In fact, even if she brings up not-so-happy memories – it still means she is thinking about your relationship a lot. This is a very powerful indicator that she has not moved on or pushed you out of her life completely.

Let’s Review the 5 Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You Back

There are many signs your Ex-girlfriend may show you after a break-up that indicate she isn’t completely over you and you may have a good chance of reconciling.

You may see one or more of these subtle signs in her behavior that indicate she is still interested in getting back together with you, that you could have missed or misinterpreted.

1.     She Maintains Contact

2.     She Still Wants to Hook-up

3.     She Wants to Remain Friends

4.     She Is Still Angry and Upset

5.     She Is Emotional and Nostalgic

So here are the signs. And the good news is there still IS a chance for you to reconcile with your ex-girlfriend.

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